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Buy Your Wood Pellet Grill and Kamado Charcoal Grill Direct and Save!

Jungle direct pricing, great bbq flavor, very easy to use.  If you’re scouting for a pellet grill that gives you authentic smoked barbecue flavor, is built rock-solid, and offers high-quality versatile grilling without costing big bucks, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a Grilla Grills pellet grill or charcoal grill to meet your needs, whether you want the lo and slo flavor for BBQ ribs, high-temperature searing for steak, or deep down professional smoke flavor throughout your meat. Compare Grilla, Silverbac and Kong to your big box retail grills, and you’ll quickly see that Grilla Grills deliver the best value on the market. And with free shipping on grills to the lower 48 states, what could be better? Light ‘em up!


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Great Pellet Grill for the First Time Smoker!

This is my first smoker as I have always been a grill person! I brought it home and slid it into the shed as the weather was going to be bad. Several days later I slid the box out of the shed onto the patio so I could open it up. I did read the directions and in 30 minutes I had it up and running. 30 minutes more and I had it on and warming up. I was ready to try some chicken on it! I set the temp to 260 and let it go! 4 1/2 hours later the chicken was ready to eat and was it good! The only thing I need now is a good book on smoking for a beginner like me! Next, I think I will try some pork! Thank you to all the men at Grilla Grills. It was a pleasure meeting you!”

Tom R.


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What Sound Does a Grilla Make? Have you ever heard the sound a Grilla makes? Pretty fearsome, if we do say so ourselves. Grilla Grills owners - have you heard these roars coming from your backyard bbq?
Victor Nothing beats that award-winning sauce. Thanks for sharing, Victor!
Before and after SAUCE! Beef back ribs on the Grill with Grilla Grills Award winning BBQ SAUCE!
Grilla Grills shared a photo.
Recipes - Grilla Grills Who thinks they can smoke a mean rib? We don't want to be biased, but we think we've got some of the best. Head to for our Old School Baby Back Rib recipe.
It's time to pick the perfect ...
Brian Those wings look fantastic!
Crispy Jamaican Firewalk Chicken Wings on the Grilla Grills Kong! The raised grate helps get a nice crisp on the wings. Cooked at 375 direct. I'm really loving the Kong. The 2 tier grate is an ...
Tips & FAQ - Grilla Grills Got a question? We have an answer. Read all of the FAQ's about your Grilla Grill & learn more tips on being a backyard BBQ professional.
The best tips for wood pellet smoking and grilling, and FAQ to answer your ...
Photos from Grilla Grills's post Don't let your chicken wings be boring. Amp up the flavor with this rich, smokey sauce. And don't forget to find additional recipes at
Grilla Grills added 2 new photos.
Craig Low, slow, & delicious brisket!
Over night 12 hours on the Grilla, at 200 degrees time to wrap and go maybe 4 or 5 more. Low and Slow Brisket....
Grilla Grills shared Craig Weir's photo.
Victor That's the way to do it! Thanks for sharing, Victor!
Before I smoke my meat!
Grilla Grills shared a photo.
Shane Seems like the right way to spend a weekend!
What's better than pork smokin' on the Kong on a Sunday....not much...not much at all.
Grilla Grills shared a photo.
Bacon BBQ Chicken Bombs - Cakescottage Sunday's were meant for grillin' & what better way than these Bombs, courtesy of Cakescottage. Our Grilla is fired up & these babies are headed on.
Get your tastebuds ready for a Bacon BBQ Chicken Bombs, it has chicken, cheese, ...

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