Grilla Grills Silverbac: just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Compare our Silverbac smoker grill to comparable models from Traeger Grills and RecTec Grills, and you’ll see the rock-solid value of Grilla Grills. Read our grill reviews too! Or just buy now!

Grilla Grills Silverbac vs. RecTec RT-680

We’re often asked to compare Silverbac to the RecTec RT-680 pellet grill (closest in size). It’s not really a fair comparison when you consider that the RT-680 is nearly twice the price. Plus, it’s more about market philosophy than grill features. Our approach is to build a classic grill that is easy to use, cooks well and is rock solid season after season. We also believe in traditional style and color; a design that complements your deck and patio. If you want a grill that shouts ‘look at me’ and has horns that will make a Texas steer blush, well, we can’t help you there.


RecTec RT-680

Storage CabinetYesNo
Meat Temp ProbeYesNo
Cooking Area692 sq in702 sq in

Footprint: The RT-680 is 30” deep, due to the hopper being in back,  8” more than Silverbac and nearly every other comparable grill. May not sound like much, but the 8” depth plus 7” longer creates a very large footprint on your deck. Keep that in mind in planning space.

Hopper size: 20lb hopper with changeout doors is the norm and for good reason. It’s enough for 2 or more all day cooks, but it’s small enough to easily switch out flavor profiles and keep pellets fresh. If you’re not cooking every day, a 40lbs. hopper may result in the pellets being exposed to the elements too long.

Chamber size: Always a consideration. The RecTec grill is very large and that requires more fuel/cost to create a comparable level of heat and smoke for your cook.

Controller: Silverbac includes a meat temp probe; RT-680 does not. As far as our digital vs. PID, see below.

Grilla Grills Silverbac vs. Traeger Grills Elite 34

Another comparison people regularly ask us about is the Silverbac vs. Traeger Grills’ Elite 34. To their credit, Traeger was among the first in large scale pellet smoker sales. Large scale doesn’t mean better, though, and we believe the Silverbac is far and away a more solid investment than the comparable (in size) Traeger Elite 34.


Traeger Elite 34

Storage CabinetYesNo
Meat Temp ProbeYesNo
Cooking Area692 sq in646 sq in

Here’s a few key issues:

Controls: Silverbac has digital controls with adjustable setting in 5 degree increments from 180-500 vs. the Traeger grill’s dial control in roughly 25 degree increments. That can make a significant difference in longer cooks.

Customer service: See if you can get the engineering manager at Traeger to answer questions on the phone, especially after hours! Grilla Grills has a great team and being family owned we take customer service very seriously.

Cooking grates:  1/4″ Stainless on BOTH Silverbac grates vs. the Elite’s single .170 powder coated steel. This is a big deal in our opinion; one that will begin to surface after cooking.

Warranty: Grilla Grills provides a 4 year warranty vs. 3 year Traeger warranty.

Steel construction: Silverbac is built like a tank, 14GA body and heavy duty 12GA stainless steel lid, which is 20% thicker than Traeger’s Elite materials.

All this and $200 cheaper to your door step!

PID Controllers: Do They Produce a Better Cook?

Let’s talk controllers. Most consumer pellet grills have a temperature controller designed to adjust auger feed and fan speed as a way to maintain the smoke chamber at the desired temperature. There are a variety of controllers on the market, ranging from analog dial to digital push button to PID controller.

The type of controller, like any other pellet grill feature, influences the purchasing decision, but often for the wrong reasons. The PID controller, for example, is a fairly sophisticated industrial mechanism that uses a continuous feedback loop to make very precise adjustments of the fan and auger. That may be all well and good, but the end goal is not just temperature control but temperature control that produces the best quality and quantity of smoke. If the goal was simply precise temperature control, then why not just cook your ribs and brisket in the oven.

In fact, a digital controller, one that allows a +/- 10*F temperature swing (as opposed to the +/- .5*F swing of the PID) may actually produce MORE good smoke because of more pellet smoldering in the temperature cycle. We believe that’s one reason why Grilla and Silverbac produce a smoke flavor equal to or superior than any PID grill on the market.

We’re not stating that the PID controller is not a good controller. We’re simply pointing out that there is no documented evidence that correlates better smoke production or flavor to the more costly PID controller.

Grilla Grills doesn’t believe in frills that offer pretend luxury. We don’t want excess. We want results. So, rely on Grilla Grills to deliver maximum smoke when you set the digital temperature control. Flowing from under the rack, the robust smoke produces the deep, rich, unbeatable flavor.

And remember to use a meat thermometer too when checking if your cook is ready for the table!


Elite 34

Rec Tec

Overall dimensions (W x H x D)47x51x2254x49x2253x48x30
Digital controllerYesNoYes
Meat probe with digital readout of food tempYesNoNo
Convenience tray with utensil hooksNoNoAvailable
High temperature500High500
Low temperature180Smoke180
Hard rubber tiresNoNoYes
Stainless steel no-warp lidYesNoNo
Insulated firebox for very cold weatherYesNoNo
Second tier cooking grateStandardAvailableAvailable
Front castersYesYesYes
Stainless steel grateYesNoYes
Open cooking area692 sq in646 sq in702 sq in
Inside height10"9.5"10"
Igniter (hot rod) diameter0.3750.3750.375
Cooking grate dia0.25 S.S.180 steel0.25 S.S
Body material.06   16GA.045   18GA.067   15GA
Lid material.09   12GA S.S.083   13 GA.11   11GA
option for more
Storage cabinetYesNoNo
DistributionShip DirectDealerShip Direct
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