“Are the Small Smokers Big Enough?”

Will a Smaller Sized Smoker Grill Still Produce Smokey Results? The Pit Master Weighs In.

First, let’s compare brands. You might be a Rec Tec or Traeger griller by nature, but why would you not consider the Silverbac in that mix?  The Silverbac has a great size vs. cost equation and is covered by a nice warranty, not to mention cooks fantastic.

Comparatively, if you’re looking at a small pellet grill like the RecTec RT300, based on a 300-400 sq/in cooking surface, it’s going to ring in at $499 + $99 shipped.  For another $100 the Silverbac is delivered to your door for free and has 500 sq/in cooking surface on the bottom rack, and 185 sq/in on the upper rack. 

When looking at Traeger, there’s the Junior Elite 20/Tailgater for around $500, and while it offers some value for your dollar, it’s not a very feature rich unit. To get something in the Traeger line that compares size-wise to the Silverbac you wold have to move up to the Elite 34 which rings in around $900.  Mark did a good job comparing these two units in this video.

With the 300 sq/in small pellet smoker units you are really limited to about one Boston butt or maybe two racks of ribs.  If you won’t be making a lot of food at once, these are great sizes. But if I’m bothering to burn pellets I always cook at least two butts or two whole chickens. So while I hesitate to say you are wasting your money, I will say that for $100 more the Silverbac allows much, much more food to be cooked at once. And who doesn’t want that?  

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