Grilla doesn’t believe in being bland. So give it a shake, rub, pinch, or plunge with any of our original barbecue sauces or barbecue rubs. Your taste buds will thank you.

Thick n Bold Sauce

Thick & Bold Sauce, 18oz. – $7.99

The Pitmaster’s award winning Thick & Bold sauce is the perfect pairing for beef, chicken, and pork. The delicately blended sauce firsts tastes sweet & savory, followed by a punch to the taste buds full of flavor. It won’t take you long to understand why it’s a favorite both at home and in competition. Only $7.99!

Gold n Bold Sauce

Gold n Bold Sauce, 18oz. – $7.99

Tangy, sweet, and BOLD. Better stock up now, because our new Gold N Bold sauce pairs with just about anything and adds a completely new dynamic to your meals. Pitmaster Shane Draper perfectly balanced flavors and spices, creating this epic combination of grilling deliciousness. Only $7.99!

Kongo Kick Sauce

Kongo Kick, 18oz. – $7.99

Ready to feel the heat? Our new Kongo Kick sauce combines our Thick & Bold sauce with an extra bang. Hot enough to make your taste buds tingle but with the same delicious taste of our original Thick & Bold. Only $7.99!

all purpose rub

All Purpose Rub – $9.99

Go ahead and give it a rub with the Grilla All Purpose Rub. A perfect blend of spices and seasonings all packing a punch inside our 12oz. bottle.

beef rub

Beef Rub – $9.99

Our BRAND NEW Grills Grills Beef Rub goes perfect with burgers, steak, tenderloin, and anything beef! We’ve delicately mixed and balanced seasonings and herbs, creating the mother-of-all beef seasonings. Trust us when we say you’ll want to try this at your next cookout. Plus, this rub eliminated MSG and gluten, which means deliciousness for all!

Gift Pack Caddy

Sauce & Rub BBQ Caddy Set – $64.99

It’s the gift that keeps on grillin’! This December special is a Sauce Gift Pack, which includes one of each of our signature sauces and rubs and a NEW caddy that easily hooks on both the Silverbac and Grilla. Only $56.99! (Thick & Bold Sauce, Gold N Bold Sauce, Kongo Kick Sauce, AP Rub, Beef Rub, Metal Caddy)

bbq sauce rack

Sauce & Rub BBQ Caddy – $24.99

The Grilla Grills sauce & rub caddy is a 304 stainless steel must-have accessory for your grill! Fits on both the Grilla & Silverbac (see photos). Only $24.99!

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