“What’s the Best Rib Recipe?”

We’ve Been Cooking for….Forever! Which Means We’ve Mastered the Ultimate Cookbook. Best Ribs? No Problem.

Great ribs can be easy to cook, as long as you grab the essentials. That means the perfect sauce, the best smoker on the market, and a great rack of lean ribs. So we’ll give ya a second to run to your local butcher block and then allow the Pit Master to tell you how to create the best rib recipe. Ready? Okay.

Fat Check

First and foremost, you wanna get rid of the excess fat on the ribs. Give it a good trim and remove the silverskin. Easy enough.

Pre-Smoke Taste

The best rib recipes start with pre-smoke taste. To get flavor on your ribs before cooking, coat them in yellow mustard and throw some Grilla Grills Rub on those bad boys.

It’s Getting Warm

The ribs are ready for your Grilla Grill. Place them inside once the temp has settled at 250 degrees. You’ll want to smoke ’em for about three hours to get ’em nice and juicy. While they’re toasting, combine apple cider vinegar, apple juice, vegetable oil, and grenadine in a spray bottle and give your ribs a good douse.

The Rub Down

Now that your ribs are cooking, we can add delicious rub. On a foil-covered sheet, put some brown sugar and a half a stick of butter. Put a rack down then place another half stick and sugar on top of the ribs. Wrap in foil. Place back on your Grilla.

Finishing Strong

Check the ribs every 30 minutes. Once the bone is all loose and separated, they are ready to cool and you can be ready to chow down. Just don’t forget the BBQ sauce.

To see our Pit Master make the best rib recipe, click to watch. And when you’re done making the fall-off-the-bone Grilla ribs, send us a photo. We love seeing it!


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