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“How Do I Cook a Brisket?”

It’s a Harder Question than You Might Imagine.

Your question is actually a tricky one. The answer greatly depends on what temperature you cook your brisket at and what your process is.

Let’s dive right in. When smoking a brisket, I don’t like to recommend a cook time because it’s impossible to give an exact read. Everybody cooks brisket a different way. Some will cook them at 225 for 16hrs and never take it out to wrap. Some will wrap, but cook them at 275 degrees. There’s no wrong way to do it!

There are several factors to consider when choosing a cook temperature and cook time. This includes wrapping the brisket: whether with foil or butcher’s paper, it can affect the cook. The trim of the meat will also affect the cook time, dependent on if you trimmed the thickest part of the fat cap off or not. Then there’s size: is it a whole packer or a brisket flat? 12 lbs. or 22? This can greatly alter the temperature and time spent in your Grilla Grill.

With all of that said, lo’ and slo’ is usually my method to smoke a brisket. I like it to get it the most tender and juicy while it spends a bit of time in the smoker. If that isn’t your style, what’s great about the Grilla or Silverbac is that they can do hot and fast or low and slow. Either grill will help you get your desired results.

In fact, Grilla’s got the best hot n’ fast brisket recipe. It’s the only way I’ll cook it quick.

The best advice I can give, as a general rule of thumb, is smoking your brisket until it reaches an internal temp of about 195-200 degrees.

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