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“Can I Use My Grilla Grill in the Rain?”

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…Your Grill’s Still Roaring. Unexpected Rain Can Interrupt Your Smokin’ Feast.
Here’s How to Handle.

Every once in a while Mother Nature will come over and ruin even the best laid plans. That can certainly be the case when you’ve planned a long slow cook with your Grilla, Silverbac, or Kong and the rain clouds come to the party. That of course spawns the question “should you use these grills in the rain.”

The Kong

The Kong will be fine. Since it’s ceramic and doesn’t have electronics, you don’t have to worry about rain. Just be sure you aren’t getting too much wind pushing through the vent at the bottom or too much rain through the vent at the top.

Wood Pellet Smokers

The Grilla and Silverbac are a different story, however. We do not recommend exposing any pellet pit to direct rain for a few reasons. First, of course, is the electrical components. While they likely will not be damaged, it is best to keep them dry as possible.

Secondly, the pellets. Pellets when exposed to water can swell which can then cause jams in the auger mechanism that feeds them to the fire pot. We also recommend keeping your pellets stored in a sealed container to keep any accidental moisture from getting on them. The pellets stored in the hoppers of the Grilla and Silverbac are well covered but always take precautions.

Tried & True

Having said that, have I cooked in the rain with the Grill and Silverbac? Absolutely. The competition world treats us to all sorts of fun variables when cooking. I always carry a couple 10×10 pop ups with me and have even covered the hopper and electronic areas of pellet pits with garbage bags in really bad storms.

Under normal circumstances the weather cover on your back deck or patio will provide plenty of protection from the elements. But if you are cooking and Mama Nature shows up, I recommend getting the grills under some form of cover and out of the direct rain as soon as possible.

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