Grilla Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift that keeps on grill’n.

The holidays are a time for friends, family, fun and our specialty — food. What better gifts to give (and get) than some jungle-approved Grilla Grills accessories?

But with so many grilling gifts to choose from, holiday shopping can feel a little overwhelming. We’re here to help with our grilling holiday gift guide. From grilling gadgets for the seasoned sear master to BBQ smoker presents for a hungry dad, we’ve got the goods to suit any budget and every type of griller. In this guide, we’ll help you select the right gifts for grilling enthusiasts in your life.

Gifts for the Grill

Why not treat your Grilla Grill to something nice this holiday season? After all, your Grilla helped you serve up mouthwatering meals all summer long. Here are some great gifts for your grill to show your gratitude and enhance your time together. Your Grilla will thank you in return — and so will your hungry fans.

Grill Covers

Gift Pack Caddy

Gorillas might be tough, but they still like to keep warm. One of the best winter grilling gifts you can give your Grilla is a heavy-duty cover. It’s crucial to shield your grill over the winter to protect it from harsh weather and keep it looking sharp. We make our grill covers out of resilient waterproof polyester to keep snow, rain and clawed critters where they belong — far away from your grilling kingdom. Each cover fits like a mitten, so even Jack Frost can’t blow it away. We have covers to bundle up your Chimp, Grilla, Kong or Silverbac grill.

Rack Extensions

Grill Rack Extension

Want to upgrade your Grilla so it can cook for the entire jungle? A rack extension for the Silverbac or Grilla could be the perfect addition to your grill.

With the Grilla Grill rack extension, you only need to hook the stainless steel grate to the existing rack, and you’ll take your grilling space from 488 square inches to 630. With a spacious grill extension, you can whip up a feast for friends, family, neighbors or lucky passersby all at once. Or, if you plan to make a special meal for two, you’ll have more room to load up the grill with meats, veggies and even dessert all at once.

Are you the proud owner of a Silverbac? If so, treat your grill to a Silverbac rack extension. This durable steel grate is a cinch to install and adds 185 square inches to your grill space. With all that extra room, your Silverbac can smoke and grill more ribs, chicken and steak in less time.

Pizza Stone

pizza stone

Your local pizza joint’s going to miss you after you equip your Grilla with a pizza stone. Our 15-inch ceramic pizza stone creates an evenly cooked, crispy-bottomed pizza with the perfect amount of smoky flavor. And, when you grill your pizza at home, you can get creative with a variety of toppings to please a crowd. Overall, this simple yet effective tool allows you to use your Grilla’s versatility and turn your backyard into a personal pizzeria.

Gifts for Everyone

Are you looking for BBQ gift ideas for dad to complement his new grill? Or, maybe you want to surprise the Grilla devotee in your life with a unique grilling gift box. At Grilla Grills, we have something to please everyone. Here are some ideas you can use as stocking stuffers or add to a BBQ gift basket, sure to satisfy anyone who loves the bold, delicious flavor of charred meats – grandma included!


Grilla fans will want to show their loyalty to the troop, so treat them to Grilla apparel they can wear with pride. For example, keep your pitmaster blissfully grilling on a chilly winter day with a soft and comfy Grilla Grills beanie or cozy heavyweight hoodie. If you’re looking for a cute T-shirt for your Grilla queen, consider our bubblegum-pink Grilla Grills Love tee. We wouldn’t want to leave out the passionate all-day griller. If you know someone who often says, “I’d rather be Grilla’n” — we’ve got the tee for you.

Grilla Grills Tumbler

Grilla Grills Tumbler

At Grilla Grills, we’re all about cooking up melt-in-your-mouth meats, kicking back with a cold one and putting the chill in the word chillaxing. But sometimes, life in the jungle calls for action, and grillers need to set down their tongs and go. If you want a thoughtful gift for the busy pitmaster in your life, check out our Grilla Grills tumbler.

Our stainless steel 30-ounce tumbler is as sturdy as our grills and is the perfect holiday present for your on-the-go Grilla fan. With its double-walled design, our tumbler can keep drinks cold for 24 hours or beverages hot for up to 12 hours. It’s ideal for keeping coffee steaming while grilling up breakfast or maintaining a long-lasting frosty iced tea on a scorching afternoon. Our tumbler also makes a sweet addition to a Grilla-themed gift basket. There’s no denying it — tumblers can come in handy when your griller has to hit the road.


Grilla Grills Koozie

Help your friend or family member grab a cold one and keep it cool in this Grilla Grills koozie. Our soft, durable koozie has the Grilla Grills logo on one side and “Got Smoke?” on the other, and fits nicely in a holiday stocking. This fun, budget-friendly gift can make a grilling buddy smile or hide inside a bigger present. Any recipient will look forward to relaxing with their koozie at the next tailgate party or backyard get-together.

Grilla Grills Sauces and Rubs

Help your pitmaster be a star in their backyard with Grilla Grillssignature sauces and rubs. These sauces and rubs make great stocking stuffers and are sure to ignite excitement. Your griller will look forward to mopping their meat with our award-winning Thick and Bold BBQ sauce if they love rich flavor and versatility. If your pitmaster craves creeping heat, treat them to our balanced and robust Kongo Kick sauce. Is your grilling king or queen both bold and sweet? Our tangy Gold ‘N’ Bold mustard BBQ sauce sends meats or veggies to finger-licking levels with a delectable flavor punch.

We make our rubs for serious pitmasters who take their bark to heart. Treat the griller of the jungle to our perfectly blended sweet and salty All-Purpose Rub. Our general rub will help your griller create a smoked brisket masterpiece with a high-flavor bark they’ll be proud of. Our Beef Rub packs truckloads of the umami flavor carnivores crave, but tastes just as rich and peppery on smoked veggies.

Gift Card

grilla grills gift card

Can’t decide on a tool or accessory? Everyone loves a gift card! Select denominations of $25, $50, $100, $500, $699 and $799. These electronically delivered gift certificates are ready for immediate use, so your Grilla fan can shop before the holiday ham is on the table.

Gifts for the Pro Griller

Grilling Sauces and Rubs

What’s the best gift for grilling enthusiasts? Anything that will up their grilling game. Treat the serious griller in your life to pro-quality gear and enhance their next grilling adventure. They’ll be so excited to test their new toys on their Grilla Grill that they might even knuckle-walk their way to the patio.

Holiday Gift Pack

For a limited time, you can purchase the Holiday Gift Pack, which includes all our signature BBQ sauces and rubs and comes with a free stainless steel caddy — compatible with the Grilla and Silverbac. This pack makes a perfect gift for the griller who likes to explore different flavors and give their meats an intense boost. With the Thick and Bold, Gold ‘N’ Bold and Kongo Kick sauces, and handy caddy, your pitmaster can easily sample them all and discover which one highlights their grilling skills best. The rub makes the ideal BBQ smoker gift for slow and low cooking on a lazy afternoon.


To a grilling king or queen, the apron is the crown. Every pitmaster knows an apron is a must-have accessory and shows they mean business. An apron protects the pitmaster from food splashes so they can grill with ferocity. Our one-size-fits-all Ape-ron features three front pockets to make the tools of the trade accessible and an adjustable neck strap for every sized grilling king. Our durable Ape-rons keep grillers marinade-free and ready to beat their chest when it’s time to dig in. You can roll this up and tuck it into a stocking or gift basket.

Meat-Shredding Claws

Meat Shredding Claws

Pull it…shred it…eat it. Our meat-shredding claws are the must-have kitchen accessory of the year. The pit boss in your life will love their meat claws and the effortless shredding they create. With thick heavy-duty handles and stainless steel construction, a griller can get a good grip even when things get greasy. They can use it to shred chicken or pork, lift hot food off the grill or keep meat securely in place while they carve their divine creations. If you’re looking for a men’s barbecue gift that will make him feel like the leader of the pack — this is it.

Seasoning Injector

Meat Injector

Your griller will surely feel like the boss with a flavor-filled syringe in hand. Grilling gurus know marinades make any piece of meat a masterpiece, but sometimes they need to feed the troop fast. That’s when our seasoning injector can come to the rescue. Our stainless steel, durable seasoning injector allows your pitmaster to skip the hours of marination and inject flavor deep into the meat in an instant. With this handy tool, they can make sure the flavors evenly disperse throughout the piece, whether it’s a slab of beef or a chunky vegetable. Your grilling pro will be thrilled to find this under the tree.

Gift a Grilla Grill

Has your griller landed on the nice list this year? If so, you might reward them with the ultimate winter grilling gift – a Grilla Grill. We know it can be tough to decide which type of grill to put under the tree, so we’ll help you find the right fit. Here’s an overview of each model, with something to suit every kind of griller.

For the Beginner or Pro

If your griller is ready to step up their grill game, or if you’re looking to make that someone special feel like an instant backyard rock star, our classic Grilla wood pellet smoker grill is the way to go. This professional-level wood pellet grill and smoker makes the perfect gift for the beginner — or the searing savant with years of experience under their belt. With easy-to-use features like auto-ignition and the set-and-forget digital control system, it’s an animal anyone can handle. To pump up the grill even further, surprise them with the Grilla Alpha, which features our new PID mode for precise temperature control.

For the Crowd-Feeding Pitmaster

We designed our Silverbac wood pellet grill for the experienced pitmaster who wants to share their talents with the entire troop. It’s easy to use, just like the Grilla Grill, but offers about 50% more grilling space. With a large stainless steel lid and bonus storage cabinets, this is the perfect grill for the BBQ aficionado who views a hunk of meat as a blank canvas. They can put it to work for any occasion, from hosting a backyard party to a relaxed dinner for two.

For the Versatile Pit Boss

If your griller likes to keep their options open and try all kinds of recipes, consider our Kong charcoal kamado grill. This Japanese-inspired grill features an attractive glossy black ceramic shell and smooth bamboo side shelves. The Kong is one of the hottest grills, reaching up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and is ideal for searing. It’s also a smoker and a wonderful tool for baking or roasting. Whether your griller often craves pizza, ribs or slow-roasted chicken, this grill offers flexibility to suit their needs. It’s also easy to assemble and move around for grillers who like freedom and simplicity.

For the State-of-the-Art Griller

There’s so much to love about the Chimp, our new portable wood pellet grill, that you might secretly buy one for yourself. The Chimp, packed with the power of our Grilla Grill, provides restaurant-quality BBQ in a much smaller unit. It also combines our latest dual temperature control technology. This highly versatile, fully featured grill, smoker and baker gives the griller the freedom to cook where and when they want. Planning to tailgate at the next game? The Chimp will blow your friends away. Want a mouthwatering picnic at your favorite wooded spot? Be careful — you might attract some hungry hikers.

Here’s how it works: With carefully engineered folding legs that lock in place, you can set up the grill securely and quickly anywhere, or fold the legs to plant it in the bed of a truck or atop a table. Its wheels make it easy to grab, push and go. Lastly, with sturdy handles attached to both sides, loading the grill is a cinch. We’re proud to say that our Chimp is our champ.

Shop Our Online Store

Nothing beats spending an afternoon with friends, family and juicy grilled meats doused with a tangy sauce. Spread the joy of backyard cooking this year and treat your loved one to a gift that keeps on grill’n. At Grilla Grills we’re all about quality, durability, versatility and turning any griller into a BBQ superstar. Shop our online store today for reasonably priced high-quality grills or give us a roar for more info — we look forward to welcoming you to our Grilla Grills family!

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