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Like to know what’s smokin’ in the pellet world? New grilling tips and tricks? The Grilla Grills blog is your go-to site for everything grilling, smoking, BBQ, and epic deliciousness. Our BBQ tips will help you become the grillmaster you always knew you could be. Questions on cooking a holiday turkey? We’ve got you covered. Interested in learning how to rub your meat? We’ve got the best techniques. Learn more about our latest announcements, events, and products below!

preserve food with smoker

Using Your Smoker to Preserve Food

Could you imagine if you transported a pioneer from the 1800s to modern-day America and straight into the grocery store? Anyone from that era would be shocked to see how easy it is for us to get anything we need at any time of year.  We don’t need to preserve food or smoke meat for […]


Grilla Grills Guide to the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes, Tips, Tricks, and Infographics!

Grilla Grills has a gigantic library of recipes and tips for grilling up great food for Thanksgiving, and we’ve taken all the work of searching for them out of the equation! Take a look at this massive list of recipes, infographics and tip articles by scrolling down the page and clicking the pictures to get […]

bbq ribs on a pellet grill

Tips for New Pellet Smoker and Grill Owners

With a new pellet grill purchase, there always comes a learning period where you may not be very familiar with the equipment. At the beginning you may feel a little uncertain about how it’s working, so we thought we’d come up with a little tip-sheet that will help with some of those early concerns or […]


What is Bark and How to Build Bark on Brisket, Ribs, Pork Butts and More!

What is BBQ Bark? To put it simply, bark is the crispy dark layer of seasonings and flavor that builds on the outer layer of your slow-smoked bbq. If we want to go a little bit deeper, then there are a ton of ways we could explain it. For our sake, think of it more […]

how to get a smoke ring on your meat

How to Get a Smoke Ring on Your Meat

You hear it talked about in recipes, praised during cooking competitions and lauded at backyard barbecues — it’s the smoke ring. Whether you’re a veteran griller or a barbecue novice, the smoke ring can be an elusive standard of pitmaster perfection. It’s deceivingly difficult, and many fall short when trying to achieve a smoke ring. Perfecting […]

selecting the right christmas ham

Selecting the Right Christmas Ham

What do you picture when you think of a traditional Christmas dinner? Many meat-lovers imagine a plump, juicy ham at the center of a sweeping holiday spread of sides and sweets. A perfectly prepared Christmas ham brings flavors and family members together, making the Christmas dinner something to celebrate in and of itself. After looking […]

is red meat bad for you

Is Red Meat Bad for You?

Humans have always been meat-eaters, but red meat has developed a bit of a bad reputation within the past century. For decades, it’s been said that red meat consumption directly links to health problems like heart disease and diabetes. But lately, new research has emerged to question those initial studies declaring red meat a villain. […]


Top 7 Foods You Can Smoke Besides Meat

If you thought your smoker limited you to making ribs, brisket and maybe a spatchcocked chicken, you’re wrong. Any type of Grilla Grills smoker grill allows you to smoke foods beyond beef, poultry and even fish.  So, what foods can be smoked? Below, we’ll explore unconventional choices that will ramp up your cooking routine and […]

how to make sausage at home

How to Make Sausage at Home

There’s nothing quite like a well-cooked juicy sausage to complete a meal. Sadly, we’ve all experienced a disappointingly tough and tasteless store-bought sausage at some point. If your sausages aren’t turning out flavorful, odds are your cooking skills aren’t to blame — it’s just low-quality sausage. But you’re in luck, making fresh sausage at home […]

How to Prepare Fish for Grilling

How to Prepare Fish for Grilling

Fish get a bad grilling reputation. Or maybe the grill has a bad reputation for being harsh on fish. Regardless, both assumptions are wrong as fish on the grill is a true delight. If you’ve had some missteps while trying to figure out how to cook fish on your pellet grill, take heart — you’re […]

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