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Like to know what’s smokin’ in the pellet world? New grilling tips and tricks? The Grilla Grills blog is your go-to site for everything grilling, smoking, BBQ, and epic deliciousness. Our BBQ tips will help you become the grillmaster you always knew you could be. Questions on cooking a holiday turkey? We’ve got you covered. Interested in learning how to rub your meat? We’ve got the best techniques. Learn more about our latest announcements, events, and products below!

Sean the turkey time world competition winner

Sean Vodden Takes Home Top Prize

Sean Vodden and Grilla Grills Win National Turkey Smoke Competition. Learn more about the competition, what dish was prepared. and how the winning dish was made!


New grilla grill lineup 2019

NEW 2019 Grill Lineup

Introducing Grilla Grills ALL NEW lineup for 2019. Alpha Smoke° is here! Alpha Smoke° is an industry-first, dual mode controller. Its design features both a PID mode and our beloved traditional-style mode, in one unit.


winter grilling tips

Zero Degrees? Zero Problem: Your Guide to Winter Grilling

You’re not crazy. You’re a dedicated, BBQ fanatic who won’t let a little snow stand in the way of you and your beloved grill. We know who you are. You’re a winter griller. And we love you.


Fajita Tofu Kabobs recipe on a pellet grill

A Vegetarian and Vegan Guide to Pellet Grilling

Create delicious smoked food on your pellet grill with plant-based options! View our favorite recipes from Vegetarian Mamma for pellet grilling inspiration. Watch our YouTube videos for recipes that will surely blow your mind. Keep reading to get ideas on how to spice up your vegetarian or vegan life.


Grilla Grills Cindy Bagby

Grilla Grills Team Spotlight: Cindy Bagby

If you bought a grill from us, you probably received a little surprise from our very own Cindy Bagby! Cindy is our inside sales representative but fulfills a lot of roles within our parent company as well. Cindy is the glue that keeps us all together! Here’s a bit more about her.


cooking a pizza on a pellet grill

How to Cook a Pizza on a Pellet Grill

A wood-fired pizza has the type of flavor you might think can only come from a restaurant…but you would be wrong. Your pellet grill can make a wildly delicious pizza, right in your backyard.



Pellet Grills vs. Charcoal and Gas Grills

Overwhelmed by the choices available while shopping for your next grill? We’ll give you the pros and cons of the three most popular styles of grills so you can make an educated decision with your money.


Grilla Grills Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Scholarship

Grilla Grills Offers Scholarship for Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Student

Grilla Grills is proud to offer a $500 scholarship to an aspiring culinary student with our Grilla Grills Secchia Institute of Culinary Education Scholarship to assist them in furthering their culinary education.


The Gobbler Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

The Gobbler Thanksgiving Recipes

November is here, which means time to prep for all things Thanksgiving! Recipes brought to you by Mike Castaneda.


grilla grills and the pitstop

Grilla Grills Partners on Veterans Day Deal with PitStop BBQ

Grilla Grills, a Veteran run grill company based in Holland, MI is partnering with PitStop BBQ in Grand Rapids to offer Veterans 50% off of their famous platters on Friday, November 9 from 11-6:30 p.m.


Jeremy Crow Grilla Grills Team

Grilla Grills Team Spotlight: Jeremy Crow

Try giving our office a call, chances are good that you’ll get to chat with our very own Jeremy Crow! Jeremy is a rockstar at the front desk and behind the scenes as our tech support guru. We’re here to learn a bit more about him!


Back (2)

Back to School

There is no chaos quite like the back to school season. Moms with checklists and full shopping carts fill the aisles of office supply and grocery stores. Pencils, notebooks, backpacks, clothes, calculators, and …wood pellet grills? Preparing for kids to go back to school takes planning and patience. But we’re here to help.


silverbac with pellets in hopper

Where to Buy Wood Pellets

It may have taken a few years to catch on, but it’s hard to dispute that pellet grills are here to stay.  Pellet grills are easily the fastest growing segment in the grilling industry.  This has left many new pellet grill owners with a few questions concerning pellets.  Chief among them “what constitutes a good pellet?”   Second, “where can they find pellets to fuel their prized grill?”


pellet grill warranty

A Closer Look at Pellet Grill Warranties

If you’re going to spend the money on a new pellet grill one of the most important things to look at is the warranty. We’ll walk you through what to look for in a pellet grill warranty.


Silverbac pellet grill

What is the Best Pellet Grill & Smoker?

You can compare models all day long, but if you don’t know exactly what features matter, you’ll never know how to find the best pellet grill for you. Let us help!


Steak and Peppers

Steak & Pepper Recipe

We absolutely LOVE getting feedback from our customers. We received this recipe from Erica B. and couldn’t help but share!


grilled peach cobbler cupcakes recipe

Grilled Peach Cobbler Cupcakes

Have your grilled peach cobbler cupcakes & eat them too! Recipe by Mike Castaneda.


what a pellet grill on sale really means

Pellet Grills “On Sale” Might Not Be A Good Deal…

Who doesn’t like a good deal? We sure do. But it turns out when you see a pellet grill on sale you might still be paying way too much. 


Matt Fitts grilla grills team

Grilla Grills Team Spotlight: Matt Fitts

See the guy rocking the beard in all of our grill maintenance videos? That’s Matt Fitts, our go-to systems engineer. Matt is always on the ball helping with operations, quality control, shipping & receiving, technical support, & so much more. We’re here to learn more about him.


pellet grills for sale near me

“How Do I Find a Pellet Grill for Sale Near Me?” 

If you live in West Michigan or the surrounding area and you want a sweet deal on a pellet grill, it pays to shop local at the Grilla Grills showroom.


true cost of cheap pellet grill

The True Cost of Cheap Wood Pellet Grills

Everyone likes a good deal, but just because the upfront cost of a pellet grill at a big box store seems affordable, the long-term costs can add up quickly if you’re not careful.


grilla community gives back to vets

American Spirit: Grilla Community Gives Back

Today’s news is filled with tragedies, controversies, and issues that divide the country instead of unite it. We think it’s about time for some good news showcasing some amazing Americans!


Bread Pudding recipe

Bread Pudding on a Wood Pellet Grill!?

Food blogger & cooking fanatic, Mike Castaneda, bakes dessert on a Grilla Grill. Recipe included!


pitmaster shane fathers day grilling tribute

A Father’s Day Tribute by Pitmaster Shane

Draper’s BBQ or DBQ started life in 1973 as Draper’s Pit Barbecue, born from the hard work and dedication of my grandfather, James Draper. Located in the little town of Bardwell, Kentucky, I spent my formative years playing hide and seek in that smokey dinning room. Grandpa’s small restaurant in that small town became known as one of the go to places for barbecue in Western Kentucky. I will never forget the smell of the pit. The smell of smoldering oak and salt rubbed pork slowly cooking…that’s a childhood memory which is the smell of home to me.


1000 dollars for a grill

What is the Best Pellet Grill for Under $1,000?

Most people go grill shopping on a budget, and there are a LOT of options when it comes to pellet grills and smokers. If your budget lets you go up to $1,000, you’ll see a lot of different ways that manufacturers try to cram value into their grills through technology, gadgets, and design. But as a consumer, how do you get the most bang for your buck when shopping for a pellet grill?



How Tough is Your Grill?

We realize that harsh weather can be a factor no matter where you live. We’ve done our best to make sure that our grills stand up to the heat cold, wind, and rain. We’ve included things such as built in, double wall insulation for those cold temperatures, and sturdy stainless steel materials to keep the wind from doing much damage. Read below as one customer describes how strong winds tore apart his yard, and even with the Silverbac falling victim and taking a tumble, still performed flawlessly for dinner that night!


Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 7.37.11 AM

Nominate your Dad to Win a Smoker Grill this Father’s Day!

Just in time for Father’s Day we are giving away one new Silverbac! To enter, all you have to do is like and share the Father’s Day Giveaway post on our Facebook and comment your favorite summer memory with dad. The winner will be announced here on June 5th and the lucky winner can choose to keep the grill for themselves or gift it to dad. We won’t judge either way.


new silverbac model

NEW Silverbac Model

Customers asked & we answered. Introducing the NEW models of the Silverbac & the Grilla. We’ve taken everything you love about our wood pellet grills and turned up the quality and value by adding some new materials and features. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve added to each unit…


top 5 summer grilling tips

Top 5 Summer Grilling Tips

The weather won’t be the only thing heating up this summer, it’s time to fire up the grill! These are our top 5 summer grilling tips that will be sure to make this grilling season a tasty one. 


alex bluhm grilla grills

Grilla Grills Team Spotlight: Alex Bluhm

Ever wonder who’s behind all the new product designs and ideas here at Grilla Grills? Meet one of our engineers, Alex Bluhm. You can usually catch him out in “the lab” testing or dreaming up designs using computer software. We’re here to learn a bit more about him.


reuse grilla grills box

Outside the Shipping Box

We’ve started hearing stories from parents about how their kids have repurposed the large shipping boxes into forts fit for the Jungle! It’s always fun to hear about kids being excited to learn to cook with their parents, but we are blown away by their imagination and creativity by what they’ve done with the boxes. So far we’ve seen forts, dog houses, posters, toy bins, and even periscopes!


Foil spring cleaning grill tips

Spring Cleaning Grilla Grills Style

You may dread washing the windows, sweeping the garage, and working in the yard, but spring cleaning also means you get to shine up your grill! Cleaning your grill is an important part of grill ownership to keep it running at max performance. With some help from the Pitmaster, we’ve got your go-to guide for how to best clean your grill.


jenna johnson

Grilla Grills Team Spotlight: Jenna Johnston

Jenna is the Marketing Coordinator at Grilla Grills but wears a lot of hats, also helping with social media, internal communications, event coordination, and daily operations management. We’re here to learn a little bit more about her.


how to grill safely

Grill Safety 101

If you’re going to be grilling it’s important to know how to keep your food, your guests and yourself safe. We’ve got you covered with our handy grilling safety guide.



We Have a New Showroom!

The Jungle just got a little bigger here at Grilla Grills headquarters in Holland, Michigan. We’ve been hard at work renovating our new showroom into a jungle grilling haven.


Valentines Day Dish

Serve Up Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Arguably the cheesiest of the Hallmark holidays, but celebration worthy nonetheless. Take this opportunity to show the one you love how much you care. What better way to do this than with a home cooked meal?


Game Day Gorilla

Grilla Super Bowl Game Day Tips

This is not your average Sunday evening. This is Super Bowl Sunday. This is the Christmas of NFL football season. And this Super Bowl Sunday calls for SUPER tasty food. Whether you’re hosting the party or just bringing a dish to pass, Grilla Grills has got you covered on a meal that will be sure to score big with your guests and fellow party goers.


Grilla Grills Mark Graham

Grilla Grills Team Spotlight: Mark Graham

You may know him as “the bald guy in the YouTube videos” or the voice behind the phone answering all of your tech support questions. Mark Graham is the Sales/Engineering Manager here at Grilla Grills. We sat down with Mark to learn a little bit more about him.


Grilled Healthy Food

Grill Your Way to a Healthy New Year

It’s funny how after the NYC ball drops every year, we tend to drop the ball on our short-lived health goals. We ask ourselves why such passion and motivation for our health turns back into old habits so quickly. The answer usually involves three concepts: time, money, & human interest.


Grilla Grills Give Ideas

Grilla Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are a time for friends, family, fun, and our specialty, FOOD. What greater gift to give (and get) than some Jungle-approved Grilla Grills accessories?


Grilled Waygu Filet

Thrilla at the Grilla BBQ Competition

For the 4th of July season, military veterans, active duty, and first responders were invited to participate in the “Red, Hot, & Blue” online recipe contest. Entries required a recipe, picture, bio of military experience, and description of why their dish represented red, hot, & blue.

10 finalists were chosen from those entries to take part in the Thrilla at the Grilla competition at the World Food Championships 2017 in Orange Beach, Alabama for Veterans Day… READ MORE

Spatchcock Turkey

Thanksgiving On The Grill

If you’re hoping to grill that big ole bird for Thanksgiving, you’ve come to right place. Learn the best way to prep, cook, and season your turkey this year for an unforgettable Thanksgiving feast! Cooking a turkey on a pellet grill will not only impress your dinner attendees, but will increase the delicious smoked turkey flavor. Don’t forget to include sides and desserts, like our Bacon Pecan Sweet Potato Pie! … READ MORE

World Food Championships

World Food Championships 2017 Thrilla at the Grilla Top 10 Finalists

Meet the top 10 Thrilla at the Grilla Finalists … READ MORE

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