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Like to know what’s smokin’ in the pellet world? New grilling tips and tricks? The Grilla Grills blog is your go-to site for everything grilling, smoking, BBQ, and epic deliciousness. Our BBQ tips will help you become the grillmaster you always knew you could be. Questions on cooking a holiday turkey? We’ve got you covered. Interested in learning how to rub your meat? We’ve got the best techniques. Learn more about our latest announcements, events, and products below!

direct vs indirect cooking

Indirect vs. Direct Grilling Guide

Indirect vs. Direct Grilling Guide Want to know the difference between good and great grilled food? You won’t become a true pitmaster until you’ve mastered when to use direct and indirect grilling. While these two terms sound similar and are used with open-fire grilling, they produce very different results. Knowing when to use each one […]

Spicing Smoked Meat

The Ultimate Guide to Spicing Smoked Meat

The Ultimate Guide to Spicing Smoked Meat The right spices will give your meat the flavor you love while also helping to seal in that meaty deliciousness you want from a hearty meal. Use our guide to find the right taste for your next barbeque. Best Spices for Beef Beef has a strong flavor, so […]

grilling in an apartment guide

Guide to Apartment Grilling

Guide to Apartment Grilling Just because you live in an apartment or condo doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the delicious taste of meals on the grill. Even if you don’t think you have the room or your community has restrictions on grilling, you have other options! Read on to learn the benefits of grilling for […]


Tips for Tailgating

Tips for Tailgating: Things to Consider, Recipes & More Counting down the days until your next tailgating party? Preparing to host your first tailgate? Whatever your experience, you can always use more tips for tailgating. You want the day to go smoothly so you can celebrate your favorite team with friends and family without any […]

Best Grilling Hacks

Best Grilling Hacks

Best Grilling Hacks Creativity can be the name of the game when it comes to grilling. After all, Mother Nature might not cooperate, your main ingredient could be missing from sight or you might end up with less time than you thought to prep for a crowd. In those situations, you deserve to know a […]


Best BBQ Restaurants in Houston

Best BBQ Restaurants in Houston Oh, Houston! You have your own style for doing everything, and it is always Texas-big. That goes for Houston BBQ as well as everything else. In Houston, as in every barbeque capital in the nation, smoked and grilled meats get treated with a special touch. And if you are lucky […]


Best BBQ Restaurants in Chicago

Best BBQ Restaurants in Chicago Just like flames and smoke find their way from the bottom to the top of a grill, the birth of Chicago barbeque began in the South Side and migrated North. Today, you are just as apt to find the BBQ in Chicago’s suburbs as you are downtown. Make no mistake, […]

pellet smoker vs offset smoker

Offset Smoker vs. Pellet Smoker

Offset Smoker vs. Pellet Smoker Honestly, it seems a bit unfair to write about an offset smoker versus a pellet smoker. After all, they really are not against each other. In fact, a pellet smoker is kind of like the newer, more exciting version of the offset smoker. Think of it as the offset smoker’s […]

grill gazebo

Best Grill Gazebo Options

Best Grill Gazebo Options You want to grill, but Mother Nature is far from cooperative. What do you do? Instead of forgoing a dinner grilled to perfection, invest in a grill canopy gazebo. You can enjoy the convenience, ease and fun of grilling and smoking without the sun beating down or the rain throwing shade […]

Grilla Grills Kong

A Beginner’s Guide to Kamado Grilling

A Beginner’s Guide to Kamado Grilling Ready to take the plunge and begin grilling, Kamado style? Welcome to the exciting world of becoming a world-class pitmaster, or at least the alpha griller in your neck of the woods. Before you take on your charcoal grill, use this quick guide to help you learn how to […]

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