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Like to know what’s smokin’ in the pellet world? New grilling tips and tricks? The Grilla Grills blog is your go-to site for everything grilling, smoking, BBQ, and epic deliciousness. Our BBQ tips will help you become the grillmaster you always knew you could be. Questions on cooking a holiday turkey? We’ve got you covered. Interested in learning how to rub your meat? We’ve got the best techniques. Learn more about our latest announcements, events, and products below!

4th of July Recipes for Your Smoker

When June gets in full swing, it can only mean one thing: Independence Day is just around the corner. To a pitmaster, that means a weekend of pellet grill excitement. If you’re looking for unique 4th of July recipes your family and friends haven’t seen yet, we have your back. Our Grilla Grills experts have […]

grilled lobster tails recipe

Tips for How to Grill the Perfect Lobster

This guest blog post comes from Kevin, who writes for They’re a trusted source of tips and tricks for how to make some of the best smoked or grilled lobster you’ve ever had. Read below for some awesome info on a very tough cook! The Perfect Grilled Lobster at Home Nothing says extravagance more […]

How to Cure and Smoke Bacon at Home

How to Cure and Smoke Bacon at Home

Bacon has remained a staple for generations, and people continue to buy it off the shelves. However, if you’re even the least bit curious, you’ve probably wondered if smoking your own bacon is possible. The short answer is yes, but you’ll need to be patient. Learning how to to make bacon takes time — yet, it’s […]


How to Store Wood Pellets

Buying premium 20-pound bags of wood pellets for your grill is one thing — storing them the right way is another. Fortunately, you just have to take a few steps to store your wood pellets correctly and up your BBQ pellet storage game. When you get them out, they’ll be ready for use in your Grilla smoker […]


How to Dry Age Meat at Home

Meat eaters tend to fall into two categories — those who love their dry-aged beef and those who don’t. Dry-aged beef can be an acquired taste. However, if you’re a true protein aficionado, you probably can’t resist occasionally ordering a dry-aged steak off the menu. Dry-aged beef isn’t something you have to enjoy in a […]

national grilling month

What Is Carryover Cooking?

You pulled your pork shoulder out of the oven as soon as it hit your desired temperature. However, only 15 minutes later, you tried to serve it and discovered the inside was as dry as the Sahara. That is most likely a result of carryover cooking. The Definition of Carryover Cooking Carryover cooking occurs when you […]

Smoked Ribs on the Grill

To Wrap or Not to Wrap: When Should I Use Foil When Grilling?

You’ve probably used foil wrappers at least once during your pitmaster adventures. However, the Texas Crutch method of wrapping your meat might be all new to you. Knowing when and where to rely on this method is the real secret to nailing tin foil-wrapped meat every time. Why Use Foil to Wrap Meat? Cultures that value […]

How to Cure and Smoke Bacon at Home

Using Coffee to Take Your BBQ to the Next Level

Every pitmaster deserves a secret weapon, including the most common hot caffeinated beverage in America. Coffee can take your BBQ from basic to beyond belief. Of course, you have to use coffee the right way at the right time or you won’t get the kick and excitement that comes with it.  Coffee Changes the Flavor Profile […]

camping with a pellet smoker

Camping With a Pellet Smoker

In the past decade, camping has grown in popularity. According to the 2019 North American Camping Report, nearly 7 million new families have embarked on a camping adventure since 2014, and regular campers report a 72% increase in how often they go on camping trips. Whether you prefer rugged tent camping or a comfortable weekend in […]

history of kamado grills

All About Kamado Grills

Are you using the right grill for your backyard barbecues? While many look to the high-priced grilling systems that are the latest craze, others choose to trust their “old reliable” grill that’s overdue for an upgrade. If you’re counting on your gas grill to provide the quality and versatility you need for smoking, cooking, grilling, […]

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