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“Can I Use Your Grills for Weeknight Cooking?”

You Don’t Have to Be a Pro to Use Grilla Grills. It’s Perfect for the Weeknight Chef.

It isn’t hard not to emphasize big cooks when you’re using a smoker: whole pigs, huge briskets, rack after rack of ribs. The Silverbac pellet grill can feed an army, the Grilla smoker grill can be loaded up…heck, even the Kong kamado grill can do some major work. But that doesn’t mean Grilla Grills weren’t also built for smaller, weeknight meals. It isn’t about quantity – it’s about quality and flavor.

The Silverbac, Grilla, or Kong can be used just like a normal grill to do hot dogs and hamburgers and steaks. But if they can do the same things a gas grill can, why choose Grilla? Well, first and foremost, quality. Our smoker grills are strong, sturdy, and they look kind of cool too. They’re made to last for the big cooks, so you know your backyard beauty can handle a couple hamburgers as well.

The versatility of a Grilla Grill is also a plus. While you may purchase your grill for cooking, you could smoke as well. Get out of your comfort zone and spend a weekend smoking a brisket or ribs. There is a wide selection of recipes to choose from.

The flavor that comes with a wood pellet grill is something gas grills lack. So even if you’re just quick whipping up a few hot dogs or a couple steaks, they’re going to be packed with intense smoke, heat, and flavor. Your family will be blown away by the smoky flavor, noticing the difference.

In fact, I actually cooked a Porterhouse and T-Bone on the Silverbac this weekend and they were awesome.  I cooked them at 220 for an hour or so until the steak temp was around 115 then removed the steaks and turned the grill up to 450. 15 minutes later, when it was up to temp, I put the steaks back on and turned them 4 times at 2 minutes each flip.

Don’t discount your need for a smoker or its ability to be used regularly for weeknight cooking. No matter what you’re cooking, you deserve the best.

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