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A Chimp off the old block.

A tale as old as time. Grill meets griller. Sparks fly, smoke smolders and things heat up. Before you know it, you’re expecting the arrival of the newest, most mobile member of the family. You asked for it. We designed it and built it. Say hello to the Chimp.

Tailgate trusted. Backyard approved. The Chimp is durably constructed with versatility in mind. But don’t let its compact frame and portable design fool you. The Chimp is a portable pellet grill that is packed with the same powerhouse grilling features you’ve come to love from Grilla Grills. Oh, and did we mention it features our latest dual temperature control technology, Alpha Smoke? Pellet grillers rejoice, the Chimp has landed.

The Chimp. Grillability, meet versatility.

As a trusty tailgating sidekick to your current Grilla Grill, or as a standalone star of the backyard, the Chimp is everything and then some. Just whatever you do, don’t call it small. It doesn’t take kindly to that. With its reinforced steel structure and Sturdy-Fold Locking Stand, the Chimp identifies as portable. Powerfully portable. Thank you very much.

Chimp Wood Pellet Grill Features

Guaranteed for Years of Great Barbecue; You Be The Hero.

Wood Pellet Heating Technology

  • Alpha Smoke Dual Controller
  • Auto-ignition
  • Set’ n Forget Digital Control System
  • Automatic lighting feature
  • 180°F to 500°F in 5-degree increments
  • Indirect Cooking
  • Full stainless steel burn grate
  • Blower fan provides convection-style cooking without the fear of “flare-ups”
  • Pellets are continuously fed through the fire pot at the rate set by the digital control panel
  • Digital electric temperature control panel with meat probe displays the current temperature and meat temperature and makes it easy to monitor and control your cook
  • Stainless steel firepot

High-Temperature Safety Shutdown

  • If the unit exceeds 615°F, shutdown is initiated and an error message will be displayed.

Low-Temperature Safety Shutdown

  • If unit drops below 105°F, shutdown is initiated and an error message will be displayed.

Rugged Exterior

  • High-temperature powder coat
  • 15-lb hopper capacity
  • Grease can
  • “Snap Lock” folding legs

Large Interior

  • Total Cooking Area: 460″ square inches
  • Main Cooking Area: 340″ square inches (22×15.5)
  • Upper Rack: 120″ square inches (22×5.5)
  • Grill grates made from stainless steel rod
  • Removable top grate
  • Insulated cooking chamber helps the grill better maintain its internal temperature


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Seams welded, powder coated, and caulked for triple redundant weather protection
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Drip pan protects against flare-ups by catching food drippings
  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Thermal Metal Jack for year around efficiency

Power Requirement

  • The Chimp is powered by a standard household three-prong outlet: 120 Volt 50/60hz.

Dimensions & Weight (Folded)

  • Height: 24 in.
  • Width: 37 in.
  • Depth: 20 in.
  • Weight: 90 lbs

Dimensions & Weight (Extended)

  • Height: 41 in.
  • Width: 38 in.
  • Depth: 20 in.
  • Weight: 90 lbs

Introducing Alpha Smoke Technology

Ladies and gentlemen, the debate is over. That’s right. Over. Alpha Smoke is here, and it is a game changer. And smoke changer. Literally. Alpha Smoke is an industry-first, dual mode controller. Its design features both a PID mode and our beloved traditional-style mode, in one unit. Giving you precision temperature control or natural smoky flavor at the push of a button. Alpha Smoke truly delivers the best of both worlds, and it’s only available from Grilla Grills.


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