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Even the Weekend Grillmaster Can Barbecue with a Professional Level Pellet Smoker Grill.

With its purposeful and unique design, Grilla delivers deep down smoke flavor that amazes even the best pitmaster. An EvenTemp Chamber, Keep Heat Swing Lid and Never Flare Flavor Disk produce extremely effective convection heat. Its EZ Fuel Change Out puts wood pellets to work, giving mouth-watering flavor and fall-off-the-bone tenderness that will make your grilled or smoked meat the talk of the barbecue. If you’re looking to move on from gas and charcoal grills and you want the best pellet smoker grill, you’ve found it with Grilla. Even the Weekend Grillmaster Can Barbecue with a Professional Level Pellet Smoker Grill. Whether you’re just beginning as an outdoor cook or a seasoned pellet smoker, grilling for one or dozens, Grilla’s your animal!

grilla pellet smoker grill

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Grilla Alpha Features

Grilla Alpha $849
PID Mode Controller (Precise Control)
Standard Mode Controller (More Swing More Smoke)
Hopper Pellet Dump
Hopper Pellet Dump
Body (Dual wall Thermojacket)
Body (Dual wall Thermojacket)
1/4″ Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
1/4″ Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
Stainless Steel Drip Pan
Stainless Steel Drip Pan
S.S Burn Pot
Stainless Steel Burn Pot

Introducing Alpha Smoke Technology

Ladies and gentlemen, the debate is over. That’s right. Over. Alpha Smoke is here, and it is a game changer. And smoke changer. Literally. Alpha Smoke is an industry-first, dual mode controller. Its design features both a PID mode and our beloved traditional-style mode, in one unit. Giving you precision temperature control or natural smoky flavor at the push of a button. Alpha Smoke truly delivers the best of both worlds, and it’s only available from Grilla Grills.

Grilla Wood Pellet Smoker Grill Pro Smoke Features

Heat Technology

  • Auto ignition
  • Set ‘n Forget Digital Control System
  • Automatic lighting feature
  • 180°F to 500°F in 5-degree increments
  • Digital control panel with meat probe displays current cooking temperature and meat temperature
  • Never Flare Flavor Disc prevents grease flare ups and keeps the flame away from food
  • Indirect Cooking
  • Full stainless steel burn grate
  • Blower fan provides convection-style cooking without the fear of “flare ups”
  • Pellets are continuously fed through the firepot at the rate set by the digital control panel
  • Stainless steel firepot

Keep Heat Swing Lid

  • Keeps heat in when checking food
  • Can be left partially open as necessary, without propping open
  • No more heavy lids to lift with one hand

Even Temp Chamber

  • Round shape eliminates hot/cold corners on the grill


  • Main Cooking Area: 21=346″
  • Upper Cooking Area: 142″
  • Total Square Inches of Cooking Space: 488″
  • The upper grate is ideal for large barbecues and pops out to make room for whole chickens, turkeys and roasts.
  • Insulated fire area
  • Grates made from ¼-inch stainless steel rod


  • Front pivot wheel with foot lever for easy moving
  • High-temperature and powder coated for a long-lasting finish
  • 20-lb. hopper capacity
  • Grease catch holds standard cans

High-Temperature Safety Shutdown

  • If unit exceeds 615°F, shutdown is initiated and an error message will be displayed.

Low-Temperature Safety Shutdown

  • If unit drops below 110°F, shutdown is initiated and an error message will be displayed.
grilla pellet smoker grill


  • Rock-solid, heavy-steel construction
  • Rugged steel fire pot
  • EZ Fuel Change Out to switch wood pellets easily for different flavor profiles
  • Stainless steel side trays
  • Viewing glass for a quick and easy flame check
  • “No-mess” cord storage eliminates tangles and keeps cords tucked away
  • 5-in. rubber wheels
  • Fully enclosed fan and auger motor with maintenance panel in the rear to allow easy access to the auger motor and fan
  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Thermal Metal Jack for year around efficiency

Fire Pot and Igniter remove easily for quick cleaning.

Quick Assembly

  • Just put trays on, plug in, and load with your favorite wood pellet fuel.

Power Requirement

  • The Grilla is powered by a standard household three-prong outlet: 120 Volt 50/60hz.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 44 in.
  • Width: 31.5 in.
  • Depth: 29.5 in.
  • Weight: 145 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions About the Grill

  • Can I sear with the Grilla? Yes! Simply crank up your heat to 450° towards the end of you cook. For those extremely defined grill marks, we also offer custom Grill Grates customized specifically for the Grill.
  • How do I season my Grilla? Before you get to smoking, it’s important to season your Grilla. This process will remove any manufacturing oils left on the grill. After 45 minutes at 450°, you can either shut it off, or start smoking.
  • Do I have to buy a specific brand of pellets to use with the Grilla? Nope! Any food grade wood pellet will work in these units. That being said, we do recommend using quality oak-based fuel, as opposed to alder wood (which tends to burn a lot faster). Our Pitmaster provides plenty of information on how to find and use wood pellets.
  • Are there different cook times for items on the rack extension? Different cook times are not needed. One of the awesome features of these grills is that they are built for convection-style cooking. This means that heat is evenly dispersed throughout the grill, so all of your food will receive the same amount of heat, thus, no need to extend cook times. Check out how much food you can actually cook with the added rack extension.
  • How long does it take the Grilla to heat up to temperature?About 15 minutes. Once you turn the power on, you have plenty of time to head back inside and prep your food, by the time you return, your grill should be just about at the temperature that you set.
  • How many cooks can I get with a full hopper? At an average cooking temperature of 250°, pellets burn at about a pound an hour. Overall a hopper holds 20 lbs of pellets and will cook for 10-20 hours.
  • Will the Grilla maintain cooking temperatures in cold weather?You bet! The Silverbac and Grilla are both wearing an Internal Steel Thermal Jacket. This heavy-duty design features a double wall 14 gauge steel liner for more efficient cooking when the temperature drops below 55° F: up to 33% more efficient than single wall pellet smokers (which most are by the way). That means: – Burn less fuel in cold weather – No need for thermal blankets – Full range of operating temperature – Eliminates messy, smoky blanket storage in the warmer months – All season performance of grills costing twice as much.
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