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More Ceramic Grill for Your Barbecue Money. Compare To Big Green Egg and Save Some BBQ Bucks.

At 24″, the Kong is a large charcoal ceramic kamado grill, truly one of a kind. Kong’s design is based off an ancient Japanese dome-shaped clay oven—the mushikamado—still currently in use around the world. After some modern modifications, the Kong kamado grill’s heavy-duty ceramic shell retains heat and moisture to deliver delicious barbecue meals that your whole family will enjoy. Kong is one of the hottest grills on the market, producing up to 700°F, ideal for searing steaks. Kong is more than a grill, it’s also a ceramic smoker and is great for baking and roasting. Rack of ribs? Oven-baked pizza? You’ll find out just how versatile this lump charcoal kamado grill can be.

Kong Ceramic Kamado Grill Features

Add Charcoal Grilling Style to Your Barbecue Family, for Exceptional Backyard Grilling and Baking.

A large 24″ feature-rich ceramic grill and smoker at a rock bottom price. Kong’s ceramic firebox burns lump charcoal . . .hot. Want to turn your Kong kamado grill into a smoker? You can add wood chips for even more flavor to your meal. Kong is a versatile choice, for oven baked pizza or seared steak.

Ceramic Interior

  • Total cooking surface: 643″
  • 24″ diameter
  • Main Cooking Area: 20.5=329″
  • Upper Cooking Area: 20=314
  • Cooking Grate Material: S.S.(.150/.190)

Heat Technology

  • Calibrated cast aluminum damper at the top along with the stainless steel adjustable slide plate at the base control airflow and provide precise grilling temperatures
  • Exhaust is released through the calibrated cast aluminum damper at the top
  • Temperature range up to 700°F

Heavy-Duty Ceramic Construction

  • Compared to metal or steel grills, the ceramic surface stays cooler and has a high-temperature glossy black exterior finish.
  • Heavy-duty swivel casters and wheels with two locking brakes
  • Easy read dome thermometer with bezel to maintain accurate cooking temperatures
  • Solid bamboo handle stays cool to the touch
  • Two bamboo fold-down side trays
  • Shock-absorber plunger and stainless steel stand are included

Ceramic Firebox

  • Sealed ceramic firebox uses 100% organic lump charcoal
  • Add your favorite flavored wood pellets to get extra flavor
Kong ceramic charcoal kamado grill

Shipping Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 49 in.
  • Width: 56 in.
  • Depth: 30.3 in.
  • Weight: 213 lbs
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