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Don’t Wreck The Barbecue with a Cheap Quality Wood Pellet Grill. Smoke with the Rugged GrillMaster: Silverbac.

If wood pellet grills have a granddaddy, this is it. The Silverbac wood pellet grill starts with a large stainless steel grilling grate, adds a heavy-duty stainless steel lid, digital control panel, a 20 lb. capacity pellet hopper, and twin storage areas. Built like a leader and technologically smarter than most grills out there, Silverbac is easy to use and ready to score big time for your family event, backyard parties or a quick burger on a Saturday afternoon. So if you’re ready to graduate from your gas or charcoal grill to something that gives your food BBQ restaurant quality smoked flavor, the Silverbac is waiting for you. This combination grill and smoker lets you cook like a pro and do everything from grilling, smoking, baking, and roasting. Another beautiful thing about the Silverbac is the ability to add some bling, as we have all kinds of pellet smoker accessories you can add to customize it to your exact specifications. Not only is the Silverbac the best of the wood pellet smokers and grills, it also comes with free shipping and Jungle Direct pricing.



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Silverbac Wood Pellet Grill Features

Guaranteed for Years of Great Barbecue; You Be The Hero.

Wood Pellet Heating Technology

  • Auto-ignition
  • Set’ n Forget Digital Control System
  • Automatic lighting feature
  • 180°F to 500°F in 5-degree increments
  • Indirect Cooking
  • Full stainless steel burn grate
  • Blower fan provides convection-style cooking without the fear of “flare-ups”
  • Pellets are continuously fed through the firepot at the rate set by the digital control panel
  • Digital temperature control panel with meat probe displays the current temperature and meat temperature
  • Stainless steel firepot

High-Temperature Safety Shutdown

  • If the unit exceeds 615°F, shutdown is initiated and an error message will be displayed.

Low-Temperature Safety Shutdown

  • If unit drops below 110°F, shutdown is initiated and an error message will be displayed.

Rugged Exterior

  • High-temperature powder coat
  • 20-lb hopper capacity
  • Four pivot casters for ease of movement with two locking brakes
  • Grease can

Large Interior

  • Total Cooking Surface Area: 692″
  • Main Cooking Area: 26×19.5=507″
  • Upper Cooking Area: 7×26.5=185″
  • Grill grates made from ¼-inch stainless steel rod
  • Removable top grate
  • Insulated cooking chamber

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get replacement parts for the Silverbac? Replacement parts for the Silverbac can be purchased here.
  • Can I sear with the Silverbac? Yes! Simply crank up your heat to 450° towards the end of you cook. For those extremely defined grill marks, we also offer custom Grill Grates customized specifically for the Silverbac.
  • How do I season my Silverbac? Before you get to smoking, it’s important to season your Silverbac. This process will remove any manufacturing oils left on the grill. After 45 minutes at 450°, you can either shut it off, or start smoking. Refer to the manual or this video for additional instructions.
  • Do I have to buy a specific brand of pellets to use with the Silverbac? Nope! Any food grade wood pellet will work in these units. That being said, we do recommend using quality oak-based fuel, as opposed to alder wood (which tends to burn a lot faster). Our Pitmaster provides plenty of information on how to find and use wood pellets here.
  • How many cooks can I get with a full hopper? At an average cooking temperature of 250°, pellets burn at about a pound an hour. Overall a hopper holds 20 lbs of pellets and will cook for 10-20 hours.
  • How hard is it to assemble the Silverbac? You don’t need a giant manual or to be a mechanical engineer to assemble a Silverbac Wood Pellet Grill. It’s a matter of attaching the bottom cabinet and top barrel. We have a video that walks you through step by step, check it out here.
  • Will the Silverbac maintain cooking temperatures in cold weather? You bet! The Silverbac and Grilla are both wearing an Internal Steel Thermal Jacket. This heavy-duty design features a double wall 14 gauge steel liner for more efficient cooking when the temperature drops below 55° F: up to 33% more efficient than single wall pellet smokers (which most are by the way). That means: – Burn less fuel in cold weather – No need for thermal blankets – Full range of operating temperature – Eliminates messy, smoky blanket storage in the warmer months – All season performance of grills costing twice as much.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Seams welded, powder coated, and caulked for triple redundant weather protection
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Solid bottom enclosed storage
  • Drip pan protects against flare-ups by catching food drippings
  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Thermal Metal Jack for year around efficiency

Power Requirement

  • The Silverbac is powered by a standard household three-prong outlet: 120 Volt 50/60hz.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 51 in.
  • Width: 47 in.
  • Depth: 22 in.
  • Weight: 170 lbs


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