How to Prevent Wooden Skewers From Burning

In preparation for your upcoming picnic, you scoured the vast menu of Grilla Grills recipes. Finally, you settled on one featuring grilled, smoked kebabs. As a star pitmaster of your backyard, you eagerly bought the ingredients, chopped everything into bite-sized portions, threaded your wooden kabob skewers and let your Silverbac do its job.

Unfortunately, you forgot one little thing — wooden skewers are made from a flammable material, which means they can quickly char and burn in any grill. The answer is to understand how to handle your wooden skewers before grilling to avoid scorching — or having them dissolve into cinders long before the meat and veggies are ready to eat.

How to Prepare Wooden Skewers for the Grill

Before you ever put any items on your wooden skewers, you need to buy them. If possible, get the best bamboo wooden skewers you can find in your area, or order some online. You do not have to spend a lot of money on the skewers. Save your dough for the main course and get premium meats and farm-fresh vegetables. However, do invest in highly-rated skewers, such as bamboo skewers, nicely rounded with a sharp point at the end to make your life easier.

How Long to Soak Skewers for Grilling?

A Grilla Grill is the hottest place to be on your patio or deck, and wooden skewers are not meant to endure high heat for long periods. Yet if you soak them in water for an extended period, you give them tremendous staying power even when you increase your grill temperature. This makes perfect sense since wood is a porous material. If you have ever dealt with untreated wood expanding after exposure to moisture, you know how absorbent wood can be.

So how long do you soak wooden skewers? To prevent wooden skewers from burning on the grill, soak in water for 30 minutes before threading on meat. After bathing your wooden skewers, you can confidently begin to decorate them with all sorts of foods from chicken chunks to beef.

Bamboo wooden skewers are no different, as they are not coated with any barrier. You can take advantage of wood’s thirstiness by dropping your wooden shish kabob sticks into water. If you’re wondering how to keep shish kabob sticks from burning, be sure they are completely covered and allow them to sit for at least a half-hour. You do not want to keep them in the water overnight, but feel free to give a few extra hours if desired.

Are you feeling adventurous? Soak wooden skewers in beer or wine to show off your gourmet style. Afterward, lay them on a paper towel to remove extra liquid.

Use Your Wooden Kabob Skewers Today

After you soak your skewers, you’re ready to grill. Settle on one of our Grilla Grills recipes, fire up your grill and impress all of your guests with a meal they’ll never forget.

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