All Terrain Kamado Kart

Grilla Grills All-Terrain Kamado Kart takes your Kong, or nearly any kamado style grill, and prepares it to tackle backyards, trailer ramps, gravel, sand, snow and anything else you can push or pull it over! No longer is your kamado reserved for the patio, now you can safely move that heifer of a grill anywhere you choose!


As tough as it gets

Just like everything else we come out with, this cart is made to stand the test of time and take a serious beating. With its heavy duty 14-gauge steel frame, all-terrain legs, an extra wide base, and eight inch solid rubber wheels you can easily maneuver your heavy ceramic grill where you never could before.

Upgrade almost ANY egg-style grill

The All-Terrain Kart was designed with our Kong in mind, but also holds most egg shaped grills. Meaning you can upgrade your stock nest and finally feel confident moving your grill around.  We’ve included some grills we know fit the cart, if you don’t see yours on the list, follow the instructions below to make some measurements and find out!

  • Big Green Egg – Mini, Small, Medium and Large
  • Kamado Joe – Big Joe 2, Classic 1, 2 & 3
  • Primo Kamado All-In-One, Oval JR 200
  • Lonestar Chef K24B, K22B, K15C, K15B
  • Vision B & M series
  • Pitboss K24 & K22
  • Louisiana K 24, 22, 18, 13

To make sure your grill will fit, we just need to take a couple measurements. From the bottom edge of your grill, measure directly upward 5 7/8” and mark the line with a piece of tape. Now, measure the circumference of your grill from this mark. If the circumference is smaller than 70 5/8” than your grill will fit!

As we said earlier, the Grilla Grills All-Terrain Kamado Kart is built rock solid and designed for anywhere you may take it. The frame boasts numerous mounting and bungee ports, allowing for secure transportation and tie-down of all your equipment. The pull handle allows you to easily move it across sidewalks and trailer edges. In addition, you can use the removable brackets on the side to store all your side tables, diffusers, and cooking racks.

Bring your kamado to the party, and move it with confidence with the Grilla Grills All Terrain Kamado Kart. 

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