Let’s talk pellet grill controllers. Most consumer pellet grills have a temperature controller designed to adjust auger feed and fan speed as a way to maintain the smoke chamber at the desired temperature. There are a variety of controllers on the market, ranging from analog dial to digital push button to PID controller.

PID pellet grills give you precise temperature control, but do they give you the most smoke flavor?

Ladies and gentlemen, the debate is over. That’s right. Over. Alpha Smoke is here, and it is a game changer. And smoke changer. Literally. Alpha Smoke° is an industry-first, dual mode controller. Its design features both a PID mode and our beloved traditional-style mode, in one unit. Giving you precision temperature control or natural smoky flavor at the push of a button. Alpha Smoke° truly delivers the best of both worlds, and it’s only available from Grilla Grills.

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Alphasmoke PID controller from grilla grills


The type of controller, like any other pellet grill feature, influences the purchasing decision. A PID controller for a pellet grill is a fairly sophisticated industrial mechanism that uses a continuous feedback loop to make very precise adjustments of the fan and auger. That may be all well and good, but the end goal is not just temperature control but temperature control that produces the best quality and quantity of smoke.

pid controller from grilla grills

In fact, a digital controller, one that allows temperature swing in the set temperature (as opposed to precise temperature control of PID mode) may actually produce MORE good smoke because of more pellet smoldering in the temperature cycle. We’re not stating that the PID controller is not a good controller. We’re simply pointing out that there is no documented evidence that correlates better smoke production or flavor to the more costly PID controller and the tighter temperature swings the controller maintains.

This is why we created both! Now you have the power to decide how you want to cook! One mode is our pro smoke flagship controller that we stand behind and produces more of a temperature swing, while the other mode is a PID controller, which enables precise temperature control.

Whichever way you cook, Grilla Grills are sure to produce the mouth watering food you crave. And remember to use a meat thermometer too when checking if your cook is ready for the table!

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