No Wrap Ribs


Wrapped ribs, 3-2-1 method, with BBQ sauce, without BBQ sauce …there are plenty of ways to cook your ribs. Pitmaster Shane Draper says, “This is hands down the EASIEST, no wrap rib recipe that gives you the most flavor”



Remove silver skin from the ribs. Lightly dust the front and back sides of the ribs with AP Rub.

Place ribs on a 250-265 degree grill. Once an hour you will spritz the ribs and coat with a coat of rub. At the end of hour 1 spritz and dust with Beef.

Hour 2 spritz and dust with AP.

Hour 3 spritz and dust with Beef.

As you are coming to the end of hour 4 the ribs should be close to done. You can determine at this point if you want to redust or add sauce to the ribs as they are finishing the cooking process.

Your ribs may be done as soon as 3.5hrs depending on thickness but may take as long as 5hrs if they are very thick. Just use the bend test to determine tenderness. If the rib bends and starts to break if you pick up the full rack they are definitely done.


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no wrap pork ribs
15 minutes
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