Simple Pulled Pork On The Grill Recipe

Pulled pork was never really meant to be difficult. This Boston butt pulled pork on the grill recipe is intended for those that are looking to make some awesome sandwiches without too much fuss. This grilled pulled pork recipe gives that awesome pork a chance to shine without being covered up before it ever got a chance to be great. With this method, you get all the flavor of the rub right in the meat and adding the rendered fat makes sure all the rub melts into the meat.


  • 1 8 to 10-lb Boston pork butt
  • ¾ C salt
  • ¼ C black pepper
  • 1/3 C Grilla AP Rub
  • Aluminum foil


Start with your Boston pork butt. You want to find one that has good marbling and that is symmetrical.

Take the meat out of the package and rinse it off in the sink. Pat it dry and then flip it fat-cap up. Take a knife and score a diamond pattern into the fat cap. You want your cuts to be just through the fat cap and barely into the meat below.

score the boston butt

Next take your salt can rub it all over the meat on all sides. The meat should be well coated with salt. Now repeat with the pepper. If are in a hurry, mix the salt and pepper together and rub it on. Let your meat sit at room temp while your Silverbac wood pellet grill preheats to 225 degrees.

If you are in a hurry, go ahead and set the pit for 275 degrees. This will cut a couple of hours off of the cook time by cooking hotter and faster. You won’t have as much smoke penetration, but it still makes a tasty sandwich. Place your meat on the wood pellet grill with the fat-cap up. Cook for at least 4 hours before you even crack the door on the pit.

If you are cooking at 275, it will be close to time to wrap at 4 to 5 hours. If you want more color while cooking at 225, go ahead and let your meat go for another 1 to 2 hours then wrap. When wrapping, it is imperative that you create a solid seal. Pull 2 sheets of foil long enough to full envelop your meat. Lay the butt in the center of the foil and wrap with the first sheet, crimp closed, and the repeat with the second sheet. You want a tight seal so you do not lose any of the rendered fat. Try not to move this foil pack around very much because the foil will split and make a huge mess on your grill.

Cook the butt another 2 hours and then start checking the internal temp. Use a sharp thermometer. You want an internal temp of at least 195 degrees in all parts of the butt.

Once you reach the target temp, very carefully remove the foil package from the Silverbac. You will want to use insulated gloves for this as the contents are scalding hot. If you are not in a hurry, place the foil packet in a pan and rest the meat in the oven with it off for a couple of hours. This will provide even more time for the meat to break down.

When you are ready to pull the meat, open up the packet and remove the meat. At this point, the meat should be more than fall apart tender. You should be able to use insulated rubber gloves to mush the meat into small chunks and then take more time to properly pull. Once you have the meat pulled, place it all in a large bowl and then dump the AP Rub on the pile of meat. Then add about 2 cups of the saved rendered fat.

Toss the meat well and serve with your favorite slaw or topped with a great vinegar sauce.

Why Everyone Will Love This Pellet Grill Pulled Pork

Most people have eaten some kind of pulled pork at some point. However, many have never experienced award-winning smoked pulled pork recipes created on a pellet grill.

What is the difference between ordinary pulled pork and pulled pork slow-cooked on the grill? Essentially, the smoke emanating from the flavored wood pellets completely changes the flavors. In fact, you will notice right away that this wood pellet grill pulled pork recipe has unique undertones. Switch up the types of wood pellets you choose to give your pulled pork a distinctive touch.

Serving Ideas for Pulled Pork

In addition to traditional grilled pulled pork sandwiches, remember that pulled pork makes an awesome dish all by itself. It can also be used to top chili and stew, or even a salad for something different.

Ready for your mouth to water? Try our wood pellet grill pulled pork recipe for your next gathering — or just because.


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