Smoked & Seared New York Strip Roast

If you haven’t seen one of these before it’s kind of like a strip steak roast. In other words, this roast is pretty much a New York strip before it’s cut off into the individual steaks. If you think that sounds good now, wait until you smoke it for yourself and taste the goodness!


  • New York Strip Loin
  • Stone-ground mustard
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Garlic
  • Grilla AP rub
  • Salt


If you haven’t seen one of these before it’s kind of like a strip steak roast. If you take a New York strip before it’s cut off into the individual steaks, that is what this is going to look like.

We’re doing a mustard base on this today. A little bit of stone-ground mustard to make it a little bit fancier because you know what why not it tastes great. We got that on there. The second thing we put on a little bit of garlic, on top of that garlic we threw salt, a little bit of our beef rub, and then we just tossed it on and let it start getting that smoke. We put on a little bit of Worchestershire sauce on there as well. That’s basically just to give it a little bit more flavor and a little bit more stick to those things that we put on it. We’ll give it a few more minutes.

It’s rocking around 225 using our pecan pellets. Frankly, I’ve kind of gotten on a pecan kick lately and I’m really digging it. So like I said, pecan pellets at 225 on our Grilla. We’re going to come back at around, oh, 120 is the temp I’m looking for, and then we’re gonna sear it on our Kong. Give it a few minutes, we’ll be back and check on it.

Y’all I don’t even need to say it this thing melts in your mouth I’m not kidding this is one of those meals where it genuinely you put it in you don’t chew it, it just disappears.

So it’s been an hour since we put our strip roast on here. Grilla is putting in work right now pumping out the smoking we are looking at just about 110, 111 on our temperature. We’re gonna give it about five more degrees on that and then we’re going to take it and put it on our Kong.

I’ve got our Kong rocking at above 700 degrees right now. No diffuser. And we’re going to slap it on for about a minute on each side, maybe a little bit more. But we got to be super careful to make sure it hits the exact temperature that we’re looking for. I’m thinking around 135 is what I’m thinking today that’s a decent medium rare for us so let’s give it a couple more.

All right Grilla Fam, it is time to show you my two favorite parts about having two different kinds of grills here at the studio. So we had our strip roast rocking along on our Grilla at 225 for a little over an hour, and the best part about that it’s exactly where we need it to be. We smoked it to about 120, we’re about to pull that and slap it on our Kong. Now our Kong is our lump charcoal grill. We’ve got hickory lump charcoal in there right now, rocking it over 700 degrees. I’m gonna take that roast, slap it on the Kong for about 60 seconds on each side until it gets to 130, which is exactly where I want it. To finish off, we’re going to get some beautiful grill marks. We’re going to be able to serve this thing looking aesthetically beautiful and the flavor is going to be out of this world.

Y’all I don’t even need to say it this thing melts in your mouth I’m not kidding this is one of those meals where it genuinely you put it in you don’t chew it, it just disappears!

The Magic of Reverse Searing

One of the secrets to why this smoked New York strip roast tastes so good is because it’s been reverse seared. If you’re not familiar with reverse searing, it’s a game changer for any pitmaster.

What’s the lowdown on reverse searing a New York strip loin? Rather than searing each seasoned side right off the bat, you cook and smoke the roast first. This gets the meat nice and juicy and gives it that perfect smoky flavor.

After the meat’s cooked to your preferred internal temperature, you can sear it on a super-hot grill for a beautiful finishing touch. Once you get the hang of the reverse sear, you’ll want to use it all the time.

Secret Tips for Smoking a New York Strip Roast in a Grilla Smoker

You’re probably no stranger to smoking meats in a Kong, Grilla or Silverbac. However, even aficionados can benefit from helpful hints.

Check out these tried-and-true techniques for rocking your guests’ world with an unforgettably tender and juicy smoked New York strip roast.

  • Let your meat get to room temperature before you season it — never throw frozen or cold beef on the smoker.
  • Look for a strip roast without too much connective tissue.
  • Experiment with different wood pellets. For instance, cherry will give your meat a different, yet subtle, finish than hickory.

Awesome Pairings for Your Wood-Smoked and Reverse-Seared New York Strip Roast

Are you wondering what to serve up with your strip roast? Try some traditional potatoes and produce. Smoke up some mini spuds and add a side of in-season vegetable skewers.

Of course, you’re not locked into classic combinations. Venture through our online recipe recommendations for creative smoked cuisine, including cheesy corn O’Shane, butter-smoked cabbage and baked beans that’ll knock your socks off.

If you’re looking for an adult beverage to share with family and friends along with your smoked New York strip roast, red wine or stout tends to go well with beef. Also, don’t forget to smoke up some dessert, just for kicks.


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