Smoked Spicy Dino Bones

Grab some dino bones from the fridge and join us to make the best brisket on a stick you’ve ever smoked!

Dry Rub

  • Grilla Grills AP Rub
  • Grilla Grills Beef Rub
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Salt


  • Chicken broth (can substitute beef broth or water)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Worchestershire sauce
  • Hot sauce


  • Competition blend pellets


Today is rib day. That means we’ve got some awesome stuff for you. We’re going to be cranking out some big old beef ribs today. That’s right, the dino bones that everybody knows and loves.

They’re the talk of the town when it comes to smoked food out there, especially on pellet grills. We’re going hot with our big dino ribs. We’ve got some fantastic AP rub on there from Grilla Grills. Of course, we’ve got our beef rub and we added on a little bit of cayenne for some nice hot kick. So we got our beef ribs on our Grilla and as you know this is going to be a long cook probably looking about four to five hours at least. Rocking it about 225 using our competition blend pellets now. Because this is going to be a long cook, I’m going to want to build a good amount of bark on these things. Because frankly, that’s our favorite part of barbecue.

To get started, we put on a nice thick layer of our rubs. That’s going to get us going for our bark. What we got to do to keep it building throughout the cook though is keep that nice, moist, and wet. We’re going to do that by spraying on a little bit of our spritz.

Now, in this spritz, we have some Worcestershire sauce, a little bit of hot sauce, a little bit of chicken broth. You can use beef broth or whatever you have at home. And then some apple cider vinegar as well. When you’re looking at the different stuff in there, just imagine that you want to use more Worcestershire than hot sauce, more apple cider vinegar than Worcestershire, and more water or broth whatever your substitute is for that. It’s going to add some spice and as this evaporates off we’re going to end up having a little bit of that flavor every time. I’m going to spray this probably every half hour or 45 minutes. You don’t want to go overboard because as soon as you start spraying too much that’s when those spices and rubs start to wash off and you lose your bark instead of creating it.

So our big old beef ribs have been rocking on our Grilla for a good oh five, five and a half hours now. The temperature is just about 200. You’re going to want to pull them out at around 195 to 203. That’s going to be the sweet spot area that you want to pull these guys out. These have been cooking for five and a half hours on our Grilla right behind me. These things are going to be fantastic, let’s dive on in here with a little slice. See how this does for us, oh man. Well ladies and gentlemen I think that is how you do it just jiggly jiggliness right there. Look at all of that deliciousness right there people. Got our AP on there, we’ve got our beef rub on there, and I can definitely feel the kick of that cayenne that we tossed on. We had a little bit of hot sauce in our spritz as well so every time we spritz down there just a little bit of that extra hot sauce was laying on the back end of it. Guys these are fantastic if you ever get a chance, go out there buy some.

This is one of those cooks that can be a little bit intimidating because that price tag is a little bit higher, but I’m telling you it is all worth it.


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