We’re often asked to compare Silverbac to the RecTec RT-680 pellet grill (closest in size). It’s not really a fair comparison when you consider that the RT-680 is nearly twice the price. Plus, it’s more about market philosophy than grill features. Our approach is to build a classic grill that is easy to use, cooks well and is rock solid season after season. We also believe in traditional style and color; a design that complements your deck and patio. If you want a grill that shouts ‘look at me’ and has horns that will make a Texas steer blush, well, we can’t help you there.


RecTec RT-680

Price $699 $1199
Storage Cabinet Yes No
Meat Temp Probe Yes No
Horns No Yes
PID No Yes
Cooking Area 692 sq in 702 sq in

Footprint: The RT-680 is 30” deep, due to the hopper being in back,  8” more than Silverbac and nearly every other comparable grill. May not sound like much, but the 8” depth plus 7” longer creates a very large footprint on your deck. Keep that in mind in planning space.

Hopper size: 20lb hopper with changeout doors is the norm and for good reason. It’s enough for 2 or more all day cooks, but it’s small enough to easily switch out flavor profiles and keep pellets fresh. If you’re not cooking every day, a 40lbs. hopper may result in the pellets being exposed to the elements too long.

Chamber size: Always a consideration. The RecTec grill is very large and that requires more fuel/cost to create a comparable level of heat and smoke for your cook.

Controller: Silverbac includes a meat temp probe; RT-680 does not. As far as our digital vs. PID, see our PID information.

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