Another wood pellet grill comparison people regularly ask us about is the Silverbac wood pellet grill vs. Traeger Grills’ Elite 34. To their credit, Traeger was among the first in large-scale pellet smoker sales. Large scale doesn’t mean better, though, and we believe the Silverbac is far and away a more solid investment than the comparable (in size) Traeger Elite 34. Let’s take a look at this Grilla Grills vs. Traeger Grills comparison.


Traeger Elite 34

Price $699 $899
Storage Cabinet Yes No
Meat Temp Probe Yes No
Cooking Area 692 sq in 646 sq in
Controls Digital Dial

Here’s a few key issues:

Temperature controls: Silverbac has digital controls with adjustable setting allows you to change the cooking temperature in 5 degree increments from 180-500 vs. the Traeger pellet grill’s dial control in roughly 25 degree increments. That can make a significant difference in longer cooks.

Customer service: See if you can get the engineering manager at Traeger to answer questions on the phone, especially after hours! Grilla Grills has a great team and being family owned we take customer service very seriously.

Grill grates:  1/4″ Stainless on BOTH Silverbac grates vs. the Elite’s single .170 powder coated steel. This is a big deal in our opinion; one that will begin to surface after cooking.

Warranty: Grilla Grills provides a 4 year warranty vs. 3 year Traeger warranty.

Steel construction: Silverbac is built like a tank, 14GA body and heavy duty 12GA stainless steel lid, which is 20% thicker than Traeger’s Elite materials.

All this and $200 cheaper to your door step!

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