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Spring Cleaning Grilla Grills Style

How to keep your grill looking spick & span and running like a champ

This year has brought a cold, rough winter. The sun is starting to peek through the clouds and we’re finally seeing hope for Spring. This can only mean one thing ….IT’S TIME FOR GRILLING SEASON!

You may dread washing the windows, sweeping the garage, and working in the yard, but spring cleaning also means you get to shine up your grill! Cleaning your grill is an important part of grill ownership to keep it running at max performance. With some help from the Pitmaster, we’ve got your go-to guide for how to best clean your grill.

Wrap with Foil


One of the easiest things you can do is wrapping your heat deflector with aluminum foil. Pimaster Shane recommends using heavy duty foil and using at least two layers, which allows liquids to keep from seeping through. Just pay attention to the direction grease is moving on the heat deflector to layer the foil in a way that keeps the grease from going underneath.

You can of course do the same with the heat shield on the Silverbac. Keep in mind this will require a bit more foil.


Dirty Grates

Wire Brush

Prevention is all fine and well, but what do you do when your grates or heat shield are already caked up and nasty? Thankfully the grates on all the Grilla Grills products are well built, meaning they can take a good scrubbing and will clean up nicely.

To do this, we recommend staying away from chemicals and opt for a wire brush with medium stiffness. This allows for quick cleaning without scratching the grates from deep strokes. Usually a dozen or so swipes knocks off  the worst of the grime, without using any chemicals.


Deep Cleaning

It’s likely that your Grilla has seen everything from ribs to brisket to burgers and wings, creating a thick, charred build over time. To give it a good clean, first you must scrape it off without deeply scratching the metal of the heat deflector. Try using a plastic putty knife. These are flexible enough to not damage the metal but strong enough to cut through the charred mess. You can find a set of these at your local home improvement store.

After about a dozen cooks, your Silverbac or Grilla’s fire pot area is probably covered in ash. All pellet grills will accumulate ash over the course of time. For about every 20lbs of pellets you burn you find that you have accumulated enough ash to warrant a cleaning.

Fire Pot

If your fire pot is left unchecked or uncleaned it will eventually cause your grill to not light properly. To clean, we recommend using a shop vacuum. Be careful to make 100% sure that the ash you are sucking up is cold. Use the nozzle on the shop back and suck up all you can from the bottom of the grill and from the fire pot.

If you own a Grilla, the heat window will eventually be obscured by smoke. Since you already have your heat shield out and have vacuumed up all the ash, clean the glass so you can enjoy the unobstructed view of the fire that makes the Grilla so unique.

Take an old rag and some degreaser to work wonders. Squirt some degreaser on the rag and rub the glass until the grime comes off.

Good as New

Spend time cleaning your grill after cooking to keep it looking nice and lasting long. If you’re investing in the best smoker on the market, it deserves the best care. And now that it’s all clean, it’s time to light the grill and start getting it dirty again.

Watch our team show you how to clean your grill start to finish here.








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