Be a #Thanksgrilling hero

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The Grilla Way.

Ditch the kitchen. Forget Grandma's secret green bean casserole recipe. This year, save the day by tackling Thanksgiving the Grilla way. Or, as we've come to call it, Thanksgrilling. Because we give thanks with smoke.

Thanksgrilling 101: Tips & How-tos

Of course, the main course: Smoked Turkey.

Turkey in a bag? Gross. Oven roasted? Boring. Deep fried in a cauldren of molten hot oil? Emergency room. Smoked turkey is simply superior, and easier, too. Just follow our smoked turkey recipes and your bird will be packed with juicy, smokey flavor.

Grilla'd Turkey

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Grilled Jalapeño Injection Turkey

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Smoked Butter Herb Turkey

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Bring something new to the table.

And by new, we're talking insanely delicious, smoke permeated twists on traditional Thanksgiving dishes and delicacies.

Cheesy Corn o' Shane

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Smoked Sweet Potatoes

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Smoked Mac and Cheese

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Not all heroes wear capes.

Some wear aprons.

It's not Thanksgiving. It's Thanksgrilling. And to be the hero, you just have to dress the part.

Grilla Merch

Everyone needs a sidekick.

Or in your case, a brand-spanking new Grilla Grills wood pellet grill. With three options to choose from, each pellet grill is made with love and affection and built to feed your innermost primal grilling and smoking instincts.

Give thanks. Share something good.

On Thanksgiving, we enjoy the company of family, friends and loved ones. But you know what? We're your friends, too. And we want in on the tradition. So when you're posting pics of your smoke-infused dishes, tag us. Please. P.S. It's #Thanksgrilling.

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