Grilla Grills Silverbac: just because it’s inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Compare our Silverbac smoker grill to comparable models from Traeger Grills and recteq grills, and you’ll see the rock-solid value of Grilla Grills. Read our grill reviews too! Or just buy one now.

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Grills and Smokers

The market is filled with options for anyone who wants a new smoker grill. However, how do you know what to measure? At Grilla Grills, we have done all the legwork to determine the characteristics most important in any grill or smoker:

  • Steel construction. Most grills have some kind of steel construction, but more steel does not always translate into better products. Think of it this way: When you heat up a grill, you have to wait until the heat soaks into all the metal components before it is fully ready to use. This means you might be waiting for quite a while, especially if the grill has not been efficiently laid out. Our Grilla Grills have each been efficiently designed to reduce the time and energy it takes to get your steel up to speed.
  • Warranties. As you consider between buying a Silverbac vs. a Traeger vs. a recteq, poke around the warranty a bit. For instance, the Silverbac offers a four-year warranty. On the other hand, a Traeger has a three-year warranty. While a year might seem like a little span of time, it is critical because it offers greater peace of mind and value for your grilling dollar. If the Silverbac offers a warranty that is 33% longer than a competitor, you know they stand behind their product.
  • Workspace. Unless you have a separate workspace built into your grilling area, you want to have as much room to work as possible when you are smoking and grilling. The Silverbac gives you a sizable workspace, offering much easier maneuvering. In contrast, the Traeger gives you a plate-size area. Not much to work with, really. Why drag out a separate cart or table every time you want to use your smoker? Even our compact Kong, which is not being compared in this particular article, has been designed to provide ample workspace.
  • Temperature gauge. How precise do you like to be when determining how hot you want your grill? If you are comparing barbecue grills, definitely check out the temperature gauge. Some only give you 25-degree increments, which is standard for the grilling industry. On the other hand, a Silverbac allows you to boost the heat evenly in five-degree increments using an advanced digital control system.
  • All-weather use. Most grills say they can be used even in colder weather. This might be true, but they were not necessarily built for effective cooking in frosty outside temperatures. The problem is that when the mercury falls outside the smoker, the smoker takes longer to heat. Not only do you use more fuel, but you have to wait much longer before you can cook. Our Grilla Grills have an added layer of special steel insulation inside the grills so you get more mileage even on frosty days.
  • Thoughtful additions. At Grilla Grills, we like to say “More grill, less money.” We apply that thinking to advanced designs. Our latest Silverbac models include a socket that allows you to instantly read the internal temperature of your cooking meat without resorting to opening your smoker lid. It was an ingenious bit of technology that became standard after we realized our customers deserved more. Hey, we are pitmasters, too!
  • Cooking grates. The Traeger features ceramic coated cooking grates which are standard. However, the most common problem among even ceramic coated grates is that they eventually need to be replaced. On the other hand, when you compare BBQ grills, you will notice that our Silverbac grills use a quarter-inch stainless steel grate. Honestly, stainless steel cleans brilliantly and pretty much will outlast most of the little kid and big kid toys in your backyard and garage!
  • Storage capacity. The cabinet directly under our Silverbac grills gives you the ability to keep what you need on hand at all times. From cleaning implements to wood pellets, just pop them under the Silverbac. No more wasted space or the need to lug things from another storage unit!

Ready to make your big grilling decision? Use the chart below to compare Silverbac, Traeger and recteq BBQ grills.

Try a Silverbac


Elite 34

Rec Tec
RT-590 Stampede

Overall dimensions (W x H x D) 47x51x22 54x49x22 44x44x17
Digital controller Yes No Yes
Meat probe with digital readout of food temp Yes No No
Convenience tray with utensil hooks No No No
High temperature 500 High 500
Low temperature 180 Smoke 200
Hard rubber tires No No Yes
Stainless steel no-warp lid Yes No Yes
Insulated firebox for very cold weather Yes No No
Second tier cooking grate Standard Available Available
Front casters Yes Yes Yes
Stainless steel grate Yes No Yes
Open cooking area 692 sq in 646 sq in 592 sq in
Inside height 10" 9.5" 10"
Igniter (hot rod) diameter 0.375 0.375 0.375
Weight 150 125 150
Cooking grate dia 0.25 S.S .180 steel 0.25 S.S
Body material .06   16GA .045   18GA .067   15GA
Lid material .09   12GA S.S .083   13 GA .11   11GA
Warranty 4yrs 3yrs 2yrs
Storage cabinet Yes No No
Cost $749.00 $899.00 $899.00
Distribution Ship Direct Dealer Ship Direct
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