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Who would have thought a background in steel and welding would become the backstory for Grilla Grills? Yet here we are, offering West Michigan some of the best smoker grills in the pitmaster jungle. It makes us want to beat our chests in excitement. After all, our products allow backyard culinary masters to make awesome meals for friends and family. In fact, we would love to meet you and shake your paw or give you a fist bump.

Of course, not everyone lives close enough to stop at our Grilla Grills retail store. However, those of you who do can get a few special discounts. Learn more about the pick-up special that will have you going bananas! (P.S. You can grill bananas too. Just sayin’.)

Come Check Out the Showroom


So you say you live in our neck of the jungle? We’d love to meet you and help you bring Grilla Grills to your neighborhood.

Purchase a grill from our store at 558 East 64th Street in Holland, Michigan and take home our FREE pick-up special.

What extra goodies will come your way when you visit Grilla Grills in Holland, MI, and purchase any of our top-line smoker grills direct from our representatives?

So many choices, so many savings! Visit the Grilla Grills retail store and start your journey to becoming the go-to pitmaster of your pack. Be sure to check out our full line-up of everything from Grilla merch to add-on pieces. Every day is a good day to fire up the smoker or grill! Cook your finest recipes in style on a Grilla product.


Monday-Friday                 7:00am – 5:00pm

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