“Where Are Your Grills Made?”

You’re Asking, so We’re Answering.

Short, blunt honest answer is China. Before you go, please watch this video where Mark Graham talks a little more in depth on this process.

We made the grills in the US for three years. As much as the dealers thought they would sell American-made products, people would gravitate to the Grilla, then once told the price, they would turn to the import and leave with one of those.

We had to make a business decision after those three years. No doubt it sucked, but it had to be done. Now we have an awesome grill line at a awesome price and we’ve sold more in the first three months than we have in the past three years. Not to mention customers are loving them. (Just checkout our Facebook to see what our customers are doing and saying about them)

It was a tough call, but the quality and price point of our grills matters the most. If you have further questions regarding where Grilla’s made, please feel free to reach out.

love our grills


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