Zero Degrees? Zero Problem: Your Guide to Winter Grilling

We salute you, winter grilling warriors

You’re not crazy. You’re a dedicated, BBQ fanatic who won’t let a little snow and colder weather stand in the way of you and your beloved grill. We know who you are. You’re a winter griller. And we love you.

There is no sin to grilling in the winter, especially when you’re equipped with a Grilla Grill. All of our grills are built with what we call an internal thermal jacket. This means that they have a built-in double wall construction to keep the inside of your grill insulated and running like a champ. In other words:

  • Burn less fuel in cold weather
  • No need to purchase additional thermal blankets
  • Full range of operating temperature
  • Eliminates messy, smoky blanket storage in the warmer months
  • All season performance of grills costing twice as much

If you know our story, you know that we do all of our testing in Holland, Michigan. Lake effect and subzero temperatures are a reality. We know what it takes to design a grill to stand up against the cold.

Pitmaster Shane Draper let’s us in on some tips to keep your grill (whether it’s a Grilla Grill or not) fired up this winter.

Top 5 Winter Grilling Tips

  • Allow more time for your grill to heat up
  • Set it and forget it, for real. You’re not going to keep a hot grill if you don’t keep the lid closed. Try not to lift the lid too much, leave as much heat as you can inside the grill
  • If you’re using propane, know that it behaves differently in the cold and you may need more than usual. Be sure to have plenty of extra fuel on hand if you’ll be gas grilling
  • Shovel & de-ice. Nothing would ruin your dinner more than a trip to the ER. Make sure your path from the house to the grill is clear and dry so you don’t slip
  • Bundle up! Exposed skin in extreme cold is a recipe for frostbite. Wear grilling gloves while flipping your burgers and stay warm

Have a great picture of you or your grill in the snow or favorite winter grilling recipes? Share them with us!


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